Qualcomm Preparing Quad-Core Arm Chips For Ultra-Thin Windows 8 Smartbooks



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Maybe this is where Windows 8 makes its biggest inroads to start with.
A very usable OS that will run business apps on a very compact platform. While Windows 7 sells more than ever because people don't want/trust Windows 8 on their business PC, this would be a very usable OS for a mobile device. And of course I remember how Windows Vista was the worst OS ever, and people kept buying Windows XP till Windows 7 came out. Then since Windows 7 was such a phenomenal OS everyone switched to it. And it may be the best Microsoft OS ever. And to me it is just Vista Fixed. There might be a slow migration to Windows 8 at first. Or it may be Windows 9 that everybody migrates to. But most of us will still be on Windows while that is happening. Even though Apple OS is very good (Yeah I own a 1 year old Macbook Pro also and have had a Mac of some type for years) I still use my Windows laptop to do most of my work. Because I am a Windows user from way back. Like 90% of people with a Computer are. And like 99% of companies are.



If we're going to see significant battery life improvement and thinner/lighter laptops, while still maintaining performance that's equivalent to an entry-level i3, I'm definitely all for it. I'm just wondering if the ratio is actually tipped in ARM's favor, so that scaling up power consumption will actually match or exceed Intel's high-end chips. If this becomes a reality, then I don't think anybody will be against ARM chips, even at the cost of compatibility.

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