QuakeCon 2009 Day One Roundup – New RAGE Trailer, Quake Live Subscriptions, and… Doom 4?!



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But I just hope this isn't another Doom 3.  Where things look great, but in the end it is sort of a flop.  Gameplay matters, not just pretty visuals.  Here's to hoping iD gets it right.



Talcum X

 We dont need another bill. We have cut back so much already, I dont need to go backwords.


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.

"In Ireland, there are more drunks per capita than people."  -  Peter Griffin



Carmack, good luck with that subscription thing. I'm not interested in QuakeLive for free. Also as long as they keep catering to the console kiddies I don't see any of their games being AAA or mindblowing...well maybe to the console kiddies but not to us longtime PC gamers.

<shrug> maybe ID will prove me wrong.  




I'd rather pick up Quake 3 Arena and play for free than pay money to subscribe to Quake Live.

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