Quake Ported to the Palm Pre



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Already have both Quake and Doom on my Droid.



There was an OpenGL mod created for the game that scaled up the graphics alot. Not many people could take advantage of it though as graphics cards were expensive and not common place yet.

 Anyway i think i still have the mod somewhere if anyone is interested, just the mod, not the game...



I am always surprised by how much the MaxPC writers seem to hate the pre. I went from Windows Mobile to IPhone to Pre to Droid back to Pre. I think it is the nicest mobile platform right now. The Pre has the same processor and GPU as the Iphone 3GS. Palm pushes out over the air updates to the OS on a monthly basis so every month it is nicer then the month before and everyone with a palm device has the latest operating system.  Android would be much improved if they had that feature since there are so many different versions out there. How many android users would like their phone to auto update to the latest OS version? Another great thing about Palm devices is that you do not need to jailbreak them. Palm is all for the open community developing what ever they want for the pre and try to make it easier for them instead of harder like apple does. Even google talk works great! WebOS also has the best multitasking out of any mobile OS. The WebOS graphics is getting a major update soon because of the OpenGL graphics integration!

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