Quad-Core Opterons Deliver Record Performance



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I have to wonder, now that it's finally the time to buy or build a server and/or desktop,
should I build a server with AMD Opteron or build a server with Intel Xeon?

And which mobo?

Here's what I need:
2 Processors (Quad-Core)
4-32 GB of RAM

And should I dispose of my server that has:1) 2 Athlon MP 1800+
2) Nvidia Geforce FX 5500
     (Intergrated Graphics- Disabled- is: ATI Rage XL (VGA)
3) Audigy SE
4) 2 GB DDR Memory
5) DVD/CD Combo Drive + DVD-RAM Drive
6) Media Card Reader
7) Rack Chassis
8) 650 Watt PSU
9) Tyan Thunder K7
10) Windows XP Pro SP2

And yes... this will mark the return of AMD; Intel, though should improve Xeon, and prep for the
6 and 12 core slap in the face by AMD. Let me know If I'm wrong or need to throw away the PC.




I used to have a dual- core opteron, 2.4ghz I think. The chip was in a budget gaming system and I think that it being a server chip and all makes me recommend this quad opteron for gaming.

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