Pwnie Awards Handed Out, (Most) Winners Cover Face In Shame



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I feel bad for them, seriously. But I kinda expected Sony will bag the grand slam of the night. Nice try..



sorry guys- not a fan of black hat, not a fan of lulz, anon or others. common good- well they stay away from those that can really strike back - so no going after syria, iran, north korea, china or other areas or true conflict.

probably worried that those countries agents would just show up at the doorstep- no warrents needed

so they go after our information - low lying fruit and do high fives

yeah I'm impressed



it'd be even more hilarious if someone at sony did come to get it and gave a polite bow like they usually do. :DDDD



I nominate MaxPC for not doing anything about all the spam posts!



If by "not doing anything at all" you mean "taking their time every morning and evening to manually delete any spam that has gotten through and constantly hassling an extremely overworked Internet Ops team to find a better solution including a spam report button" then we happily accept your nomination. ; )


Brad Nimbus

lulz,  Would they still have this article if they were actually nominated? Hahaha.

The spam wouldn't be such a big deal if it wasn't the same old shit everytime. I couldn't even imagine someone being stupid enough to fall for it in the first place. I remember back in the day a spam post would be a link. Not some dummy who can't speak english using google translate to post some knock off nike crap.




lol at sony

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