Put the Pitchfork Down, Verizon Confirms 4G Restored for All



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And now Verizon wants to add a $2 "convenience fee" for paying your bill online. Service goes down, raise fees, for good customer PR!





So far I haven't been affected by any of the outages on my stock Thunderbolt running 2.3.4 in NYC. 



Hg Dragon

I call BS

Data was *definetly*down. An email I sent during this outage "mysteriously" didn't arrive until hours later until the netowrk was restored? [i]Riiiiiiight[/i]

Since it was my Finace's phone and both of us running on different Exchange servers through our work separate networks, Both of our offices use Verizon for mobile service. I know when it came through over her phone because we discussed it and she told me when it came through.

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