Puget Systems Slams Gigabyte's "Misleading" Silent Videocard Claim



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Silent is not the same as "quiet."  Right on Puget Systems!


Holly Golightly

Those cards are very silent. What I would do to have such results. Those little clicks are not that serious. They could have used professional sound dampening to muffle those clicks. I think they are making a mountain of a mole hill. Of course, if you want the job done right, you got to build the computer yourself.



All my video cards have an electrical noise that can clearly be heard, when running folding, you can hear the card start to work, with a high pitch noise, then the fans spin up, but its a different sound, its not the fans.  This has been on every card I have owned in recent years (GTX260, GTX460, and now GTX570), so its not just them.



I remember my GTX 280 had a very distinct high pitched scream under certain conditions, usually when rendering simple things at 300+fps.

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