Puget Systems Offers Unique Solution to Hard Drive Shortage



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Keith E. Whisman

I am hoping that this will usher in a new SSD age where SSD's take over a majority of the consumer storage market and drive prices down to around .25cents a gigabyte. I could stomache paying $250 dollars for a good 1TB SSD.



Some would call this stratagy hoarding, and creating a shortage.



We've been pre-wiring for extra drives and GPUs for years, as well as installing hardware provided by our customers.  That's pretty standard in the boutique business.


Chris Morley, MAINGEAR



This is a perfect time to start manufacturing back in USA



If I read this right - they have no shortage of drives into 2012, after that you will get an SSD. That to me is the interesting thing.

the rest is marketeing - pre- wire the computer for a hard drive??

I guess pre-wireing means they will have the SATA cable ready for you - all for an additioncal cost- wow

course all computers with a decent case and MB have an additional sata port and slot - and should have the "wiring: for power. so putting a sata cord is no biggie





I don't see anything that indicates an additional cost for pre-wiring for a hard drive for users who opt for an SSD-only setup. I would also assume (though haven't confirmed) that pre-wiring means the power and SATA cables will be neatly routed like the rest, with the connectors dangling in front of the HDD bay. I've seen Alienware do this in the past (for the purposes of easy upgrades, not because of a shortage).



Dell already does this, at least with it's business series desktops.



It's a creative solution to the problem, made even more so by the offer to add in buyer's current hard drives. Well done Puget.

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