Puget Dunks High End Components into Mineral Oil Filled Aquarium PC



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Julia Meth

It's a PC or a freezer? :) looking good, we should buy this PC in summer to cool our selves. anyway it's a good looking and cool PC. PhD Dissertation Writing



What they really need is some plastic fish to put on top of your componens so it actually looks like an aquarium.



This doesn't appear to make all that much sense.  I don't care to see or hear my cpu.  Is their any mention of the noise involved when it's running?  And the additional power?



This things a joke. 50 degrees celcius? That's not that great. Not that bad either but for 670 bucks the temperature shouldn't definately be lower. You can get an air cooled machine to keep at that temperature. Also.. I think im going to invent a mini a/c unit. Like a window unit for a house that goes into your computer. It'll be tight. Better than an aquarium. This thing would just be a mess.



Okay, for starters, "the temperature shouldn't definately be lower"? I'm thinking you mean "the temperature should definitely be lower."

But, the real issue here is actually what you consider a "problem" with the system. Yeah, you can get an air-cooled unit down to lower temperatures. Relatively easily if it's a good enough fan configuration with some high-quality air-movers. But the big problem with that? Sound. That's exactly what liquid-cooled systems like this are for. To keep the noise down. You can blow a high-end CPU down to below 50C with fans, but you're gonna blow out your eardrums too.

And speaking of such, an AC unit for your computer? Seriously? You DO KNOW what happens with water + electricity, right? You can go ahead and put an AC in your tower, but good luck with the shorts and rust caused by the humidity...


Talcum X

As novel as this and the Reactor is, any work that has to be done on the system becomes a mess.  Sure it looks cool, quite the conversation piece, but seems like a tech nightmare.



So I assume by watching the youtube video that this setup works with any hardware, provided you set everything up correctly?  All the fans (CPU/GPU coolers) seem to still operate while still being submerged in that oil.

If this setup does in fact work with any given hardware you might have, it would be a very attractive option as opposed to the circa-$10K Reactor PC.  While it might not look as cool (but honestly, what does?) as the Reactor or its kin, I would think this would still do a MUCH better job of cooling than even an advanced liquid cooling system in a standard case.



From what I have read both from Max PC and others, is that this setup is actually inferior to a good liquid cooling setup.  However, they do mention that they have doubled their cooling effectiveness since the original, so maybe now the oil immersion is better.  Anyone know?



Oil Immerision is actually SUPERIOR to just Water Cooling via the traditional pump and tubing.  I know everyone is hung on up on the 50 degree's C mark, but let me shed some light on doing this.

I took my old LGA 775 machine that had a WC system and made it into an oil submerged system before I sold it.  What I did for cooling was get two LARGE radiators and a high quality aquarium pump and used it to pump the oil through both radiators....  with the pump submerged it was quiet and the temp, when over clocked to 4.5 GHZ (Q6600 on a Ramage Formula board), the top temp recorded after 24 hours of LINX was 49 degrees C.  

The only things not submerged were the hardrives and optical drives.

The thing was ultra quiet.  Oil immersion or total system immersion if done correctly will always be better than anything else besides LN2 cooling or if you do it correctly a compressor over the proc, but the compressor doesn't cool the north/south bridge either.

Basically you HAVE to make sure that this is WHAT you want to do with the system before you do it because once you get oil on the stuff, you are not going to get oil off of it completely.

Its fun to watch how people who have never done it expect it to be loud or laugh at 50 degree's C temps....  what they don't know is that is the top temp....  Heck, that system with my Swiftech W.C. system, overclocked to 4.2 GHZ would push upper 60's and I had to worry about the Northbridge getting hot and so on....

Most people would honestly be shocked at how effective oil cooling can be.  Its quiet, and if you submerge the pump and get say to large Zalman tower coolers, temps will be the last thing you will have to worry about.

So far my friend loves his system.  All I did was find a motherboard tray from an old case, cut it out and built a huge clear case from Acrylic....   I haven't seen what he has added, but I know that for an old LGA775 system, the numbers it turns out are decent....  He already has plans to move any other systems into that "case".


Personally, I would get a few mechanical fish to "swim" around in it, and use it as a high powered HTPC.  The optical drives go in the black cover on top.  The bad thing is Mineral Oil isn't cheap and I would recommend adding a filtering system to it as dust will eventually find its way down through the top, clouding the oil....  Or you could just change the oil every 3000 miles... errr hours of operation... :)



You would think if they are showing off such an "extreme" system, they would at least have some "extreme" peripherals. Instead they opted for the microsoft usb mouse + keyboard, and generic monitor.



Microsoft usb mice are pretty good and there really is no reason for a better keyboard all you need is wasd.

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