Psystar Shipping Mac Clone with Blu-ray, 9800GT



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Absolutely nothing wrong with MaxPC covering Apple, but I personally will never buy Apple hardware and will obviously never buy an Apple OS unless and until it's installable on any old x86.




Regardless of the OS, this Mag is about getting the most out of your hardware. That means hacking and tuning and over clocking. That's what Psystar is doing, they are getting their rigs to do things they want them to do. They are doing it in the face of Apple too. So cheers to them. There is a hole in Apple's lineup for the consumer tower where they can move the preformance emphasis around and save money. More choice for us. That's good. It also offers the opportunity to spec out a Psystar then load it with alternate OS's and run benchmarks. Think of the response to that! Max PC benchmarks XP, Vista, Intrepid Ibex and Leopard with the exact same hardware.

 I still wonder how they are able to offer Blu Ray since I don't think Leopard supports it, nor do I know of any apps that will play the movies or rip the video or write the discs.



Just like to add that saying vista is slow and crappy with bugs is pure stupidity at this point in time!I have used vista x64 on all my pcs for about 1 year now and found it just as good and better then XP,Its as fast and looks 10x better,since the release of sp1 i have had allmost 0 problems TBH i had more crashes with xp.






















I believe that the real reason for this article was to drum up debate on another company building mac computers. I think it's great to see another company build what was extremely exclusive to Apple. It forces competition and brings prices down. The one thing that has irritated me about Apple in the past years, is it's strangle hold on its own computers. I know that this practice stems back many many years between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, but they should release some patents so that other vendors can build macs at a reasonable cost. In any attempt, they would see their numbers rise, whether or not you think Apple or OS X is any good.

metropolis has you.



off topic but

thank you whoever fixed the lack of paragraph sepertaion... that was annoying



If I had to get a hackintosh I rather build it myself... oh and I use a MBP as well as a windows xp based desk that I built .. 


Let's not turn this into a flame war, it's boring .. 


Keith E. Whisman

How did Psystar get around the Mac bios thingy that's different than what we get on the PC?



Since Apple switched over to intel x86 procs awhile back their computers have pretty much been pcs with OS X on them. That makes discussion about thier pcs relevant to this publication. Apple is just another pc brand that happens to also develop its own os. I doubt you could even call them a separate computing platform anymore.

Also Maximumpc reviews many things related to pcs, including gadgets such as Apple's iPhone and iPod.

To the poster below praising Apple - you're probably right about the user friendlieness and innovation. The 2 things I've heard Apple and OS X excel at over Microsoft and Windows. Performance, on the other hand, isn't one of them, which MaximumPC has proven numerous times and I'd rather take a hit in those than lose out on performance. The other thing I don't like about Apple is that their systems use proprietary parts. That means if something breaks you gotta get replacement parts from Apple. Using proprietary parts means they can ensure stability because the systems are only built with specific sets of parts. The downside is that you don't  have much choice about what parts actually go into the machine or which parts you can upgrade. I prefer to build my machines over buying from a brand name. It allows me to choose the parts I want (within my budget). It allows me a broad choice of vendors for replacement parts when something breaks. Plus I get a certain satisfaction from building my own rig and seeing it work.

Lastly, its sometimes good to see what the competition is up to and discuss how it affects us, because it does affect us in some way.

P.s. - Are paragraphs working? Cause they're not showing up in the preview. I apologize ahead of time if this gets posted as one giant paragraph as I did format it when I typed it up.



First things first. Everyone needs to remember what "PC" really stands for. Personal computer. In that very definition, any computing device that doesnt take up the space of a garage can be considered a PC. People also need to keep this era in perspective with technology. Society and computing have gone through and will continue to go through emense and radical changes. We can all sit here and debate the "who's better" rationale all day long, but it serves no purpose. People come to this site and magazine to see the latest revelation in computing, period. Also keep in mind that Maximum PC reports on all companies in the technology business who build components as well. Apple not only builds "mac", but they make other products as well, including software. I personally am not a Mac fan, however, you have to give Apple some credit where credit is due. Even if you dont like Apple, they push inovation and competition. The same can be said for Microsoft, Google, Nvidia, ATI, AMD, Creative, etc, etc, ad naseum.  


It also might be prudent for some people who decide to post here on Maximum PC, to take the time and read your own post before you hit the submit button. The grammar and spelling is just appauling, even from a computer geek's standards.

metropolis has you.



"The grammar and spelling is just appauling"<>

It is spelt appalling. Hypocritical grammar-nazi.


Peanut Fox

Wait, did you just say XP Pro is better than OSX?  I have used both Mac and PC, and I like them both for the advantages they offer.  But seriously, I don't think you have spent enough/any time with Mac OSX to make such a blanket statement.  And FYI a close friend of mine has a Macbook Pro and I have seen plenty enough OS add-ons to make OSX just as customizable an experience as XP or Vista.  But those how are serious about a custome take on an OS use Linux.  Lastly, to use derogatory language on a public message board only speaks to the type of person you are.  I bet you get on Xbox Live and yell racial slurs under the cover of anonymity, until your mother comes up to put you to bed for the night.  Enough of you please! 



I've used both XP and OS X for a long time, so I think I shouldn't be considered an ignorant Mactard.

 I'm thying this on a macbook. OS X runs better than anything else I know for some basic stuff. For example, expose is better than Flip 3d. You can't deny that. As well, I do prefer having a piece of mind when going onto iffy sites, as most viruses will be Windows Based (I still have Anti virus rinning.).

 Maybe your windows malfunctioned and caused your caps lock to turn on at random. Or maybe you're just more fustratable because Windows pisses you off. I wouldn't know. My OS boots in 30 seconds to full functionality.

 People have their preferences. Why don't people insult Linux? One of mac's biggest beauty is that there are less (not none, I know that) driver problems. *cough*Vista*cough*nVidia/Creative*cough*.

 Don't forget that the MacbookAir now has a better graphics card than your baby Envy-133.

I will note that I go back to XP to run Office 2k3/Games I've collected over the years/Online games. I've tried 2K8 on Mac, it's counter-productive.



Microsoft i snot responsible;e for vendors releasing crappy drivers. Are they responsible for releasing it before it was ready for prim time? Yes, but place the blame where it belongs when it come sto driver and application incompatibilities, on the vendors that created them and did not follow MS guidelines. Also, you consider a 30 second boot time tremendous? I can get my Vista box to boot up in half that time, BTW way I also own a Mac G5 ($10,000 retail at the time) and have crashed more apps on my Mac than I have ever crashed on an XP or Vista computer. The Superdrive is currently dead on my G5, and Apple wants $300 for a replacement. For my Vista rig that drive would run $35, not $300. You say you want piece of mind when accessing "iffy sites", well I have news for you, 60% of teh top 100 most popular web sites are infected with either viruses or malware/spyware ro both. Those are the sites that should concern you most. Anyone you states that a Mac cannot be infect with viruses or crapware is delusional as it does and has happened. Mac fans love to quote that their PC's do not get viruses. When you have 10% of the market (being generous here) there is  no money to be made writing viruses for your OS, but they do exist as well as does spyware. There are anti virus apps available for Mac OS X too, and you are an idiot if you do not use it. Does Mac have less driver problems than Windows based PC's? Certainly,as Jobs maintains strict control over the hardware in it, while Windows supports every piece of hard ware ever made, past present and future. Mac's do not have the same type of hardware, or software, support that Windows does. If the Mac was released to it could be installed on any platform you would see the same types of problems with MAc OS that you currently see with Windows, if not more. Mac OS X is a less secure OS than Vista or XP right now, there are more security holes and it takes Apple far longer to address them and release patches than MS does.



thats do to the fact that apple kicks the pc's ass in alot of things .

true if windows got to custom build ther pc's for ther os windows would be even better but it dosent 

and in that the mac is better then the pc in many ways .i have a mac and i will not go back for every day things like video eddeting and music and also internet stuf and email it is safer and it is much nicer having a 1 stop system 

by that i got a mac mini and it is all ther i do every thing and it is easy to do and figer out i only keep a windows pc around for playing games and thats is it and on my laptop i run Ubuntu and it works so much better then windows and it a cheep acer from wal-mart that came with vista and after i instaled Ubuntu every thing works and instaling drivers wher no problem and for internet and wirles stuf and using as a dvd player on trips it works alot better then windows vista so you can cry about all the mac stuf on maximumpc all you want but the fact is ther are a few things that mac do much better then windows and for alot less $ when you consider i havent had to spend a nother dime on programs for my mac it is all built in from the get go with every thing tweaked to run very well on the system and a crash is damn near unhurd of unlike a pc


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