Psystar Scores Rare Win in Legal Battle against Apple



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Hmmm, maybe this will open up OS X to be legally installed on "PC" hardware.  (I know, Mac guts are PC guts, just specially selected PC guts to keep OS X programming easier.)  Anyway, be nice to quad boot just b/c I can. 


Sager NP5797 (Clevo)

nVidia GeForce 9800 GTX/Intel QX9300/4GB DDR3 1066

Vista/Ubuntu/Fedora OSes



interesting ... who buys those psystars anyway, building a hackintosh is better ... 


Keith E. Whisman

Yawn these guys build computers with Intel Extreme Crappy Graphics IGP.No gaming going on here. I can build a way better HackInTosh than these guys can but what's the purpose really? To play like the 3games that came out 3years ago that only now is being released for the Mac?



actually aren't they know for replicatingthe IMac design not putting mac OS on PCs?


Keith E. Whisman Look for yourself. Looks like they have a little bit of everything. When they first started building Mac Clones they were crap and looked like crap too. Looks like they got a little bit better at it. But still were talking about Crap OSX I mean Mac OSX.



I really didn't think they had a chance but this is GREAT news!! Psystar 1 apple 0



This is good for competition. I would love to see Apple actually competing with people on hardware fronts. Maybe they should pull an Intel and start licensing a "real" MAC OS X.


"Crap OS X"? really? I don't want to start a flame/trolling war, so let's not go into the many problems with both operating system. My opinion is that OS X is better for file managing/basic editing.  Yours is that OS X sucks, but keep that to yourself. 


Keith E. Whisman

Well it does suck. For gaming though. As an OS it's pretty good it's just not suited for gaming like Windows is. It wasn't designed from the outset to be great for gaming like what MS tells us Windows is. There is no Mac Live you know.

So yeah I hate flaming wars but I clarify my judgement for others. As a Nerd MacOS is awsome ever since they embraced Unix/Linux. When I experimented with Hacintosh it reminded me more of a Linux Distro than like installing Windows. And I do mess around with Linux I've got a triple boot with Win7 64 and Ubuntu 8.10 64. But as I said I require an OS that I'm going to use alot to be friendly to gaming and Windows does that for me. If it were the other way around I would be hating on MS and loving on Mac but it's not and I am.;) 



Apple have always overpriced their
computers.  If Mac was the only player in the game we would still be running
powerpc's and computers would cost like 10000$.  Mac needs to learn to
soe not just to reap. And their OS is based originally on an idea they
themselves took from Xerox.  They profited off an open source idea but
are totally closed source. This is unfair to poorer ppl who cant afford
2 computers. Face it apple, you make nice displays and keyboards and
thats it HW wise.

  It is not fair that all windows stuff can run on a mac but not the other way around.

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