Psychologist Wants Schools to Ban Kids from PCs



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how about banning cell phones and texting for kids under (insert age here). I think that all of these 9 year old kids with $200 cell phones spending all night texting each other is a far bigger problem.



Unless you live in rural areas (even then there's still a possibility you might find 'em), you're gonna be exposed to computers sooner or later. Also, I find it hard to believe that you'd have "less of an attention span" when you've been using computers. To attribute computing as the source of "not reading" "lack of communication" and "attention span disorder" is quite dumb. I understand there is "evidence" to support this, but what is it? I looked in the article for it, and the most anyone has said is that there are mixed bits of "evidence".


Ignorance is man's greatest enemy.



Yeah, lets take away the one thing that children will have to be most proficient with when they get out into the real world and get a job. More and more jobs require some if not a great deal of computer skills and now these "experts" want to do away with it. Good luck kids!!!!!



I only have two words for that shrink...QUACK QUACK!! He should have his shingle burned! My friends three year old daughter knows more about the computer than he does and she is smart as a whip! Plus she can read at that age! This guy is just another jerk trying to make a name for himself.



Keith E. Whisman

How Cute!

WTF does DR. Spock and this asshole know anyhow? I grew up playing pong and a myriad of computer games and look at me. I'm unemployed and just one rent payment from being homeless. But that's not because I'm a gamer. It's because I'm a retard. I am quite retarded.



But anyhow just look at that baby in the picture. Isn't that just so cute. You know what I love about my 1.5 year old baby boy my third child is that when I move something on the table that he is after he'll quickly try to go after everything else.. It's funny seeing how fast he is. He just wants to get something off that table.. LOL.. 




 So when all the claims about television turned out to be total bunk, and then also rap music, video games, and everything else, they are now trying to say computers are to blame!?!?!




Ok, no offense, but I don't think someone that is as worthless as  a shrink has any business making such an accusation about one of the (if not the) most significant information tools ever made!


"Let's cripple our children even more than we already do because I am a psychologist therefore my assumptions about what causes normal and natural behavior are more correct than yours are.  After all, I read a book."


Seriously, just accept that kids lack attention spans, (they also lack teachers that have the desire to work with that, or at the least they lack the resources).  That is not a new thing.  Next, you will want to be giving them some pill you helped create or at the very least are promoting to aid them with their computer ADD.


 "Save the children!  Save them from the attention destroying computer machine of death!  Save them with medication!"  F you shrink.



lol yeah sure it's the internet not the videogames and television, and over zelous parents pushing them into soccer/baseball/football/basketball/track/all of the above so they don't have a free second. But yeah it's the internet's fault!



Just kids? I've got news for you... the way we now consume information is hurting EVERYONE'S attention span. Not only do I not read like I used to, I'm basically incapable of sitting down and quietly reading a book these days. Almost makes me want to toss my various net-connected devices in the trash.

Oh, wait. I need them for work. Dammit.


Keith E. Whisman

I actually did that for about six months. I literally gave away a fairly high end gaming rig and my gaming console away in exchange for a decent hand gun. I found myself watching TV alot so I ended up getting rid of my big screen TV. I was able to read a ton of books. But then I lost my job and remarried my ex wife and had to watch TV and get another computer to help with job hunting. 

But if you can do it going techless for the better part of a year is actually quite therapeutic. I missed the porn and the games and MPC but I was still recieving the magazine subscription so i didn't miss out on too much tech news.

But now I have to tell you there are times that I regret it. I mean I really miss my old computer and gaming console.

I think I survived because there was no internet to speak of when I was in school. Literally the first half of my life was spent without the internet. Back in the 80's you were lucky to log onto a local BBS. 



Look at what happened when all the teens started wearing blue jeans to school and watched Elvis thrust his hips on that confounded television. It destroyed our society. Oh wait...



Computers are not the problem, it's what they are being used for. It's no suprise that kids aren't going to learn anything watching videos of people getting kicked in the nuts and playing games that involve killing small animals. Parents should actually pay attention to what their kids are doing on the computer and teach them to use the computer as a tool for learning.



Maybe it's because when they know that there's terabytes of information out there on the internet, it's kind of dull to sit down and have to listen to teachers explain how jack and jill walked up a hill. I think they could learn a lot more on a computer than in a classroom, and faster too.



the previous generation always thinks theres something wrong with the up and coming generation. 


Mighty BOB!

But but but.. the whippersnappers!  They're whippersnappers!  And they all have ADD! D:



I agree 100% with you.  It's not all about the "good ol' days".  It seems that they see technology as some kind of a threat.  Good example is my stepfather said that cars should be stripped of all techs (onstar, gps, etc) and made like they were in the old days. no fancy stuff, just enough to get you around.  Well, it just so happens that OnStar, GPS, etc saves lives, gas, etc. Oh and their mad cool.  Also, if it wasn't for technology they wouldn't have even had a car good enough to get them around.  Point being, for some reason unless we are living like it's 1940, the older generation is not pleased.  Then again, who cares.  It's not their time anymore it's ours.  We will teach our children the way want to teach them.  From what I've witnessed, our methods (for the most part) are far better and more efficient.  I'm VERY thankful and glad my mother bought me a computer when I was 13.  It changed my life.  I learned so much in so little time.  Sure there are bad things on the internet, but there is also a HUGE wealth of information, that anyone would be a fool not to introduce their child to.




...but Lego Island was sooo much fun!



Haha it's been a while since I played that game....It was a nice game though.



I agree kids younger than 9 should have limited to no contact with PCs, Televisions, or other technology.  Well I believe that unless it is for educational purposes, or limited amounts of idle entertainment.  So what if a child is able to use a computer efficiently, gain knowledge, and balance that (hint hint this is the parents job to enforce, therefore we must give the parents the freedom and responsibility to) with physical activity, for what good is a computer killing super smart geek who can’t get out of bed?  The answer is none, but what good is a well rounded computer user who also has well developed social skills, is physically active, and emotionally well balanced? Well that is the definition of a contributing member of society.
Computers run programs, perhaps he should have found what programs the kids were using that left them so ADHD like.  I think we can rule out MS Office and Oregon Trail, and look towards games for the sake of games, with no balance.



Give them MAC or Linux that's plenty of space for learn.



Luddites should not be allowed in positions of power. 



My child has been using the computer for educational purposes and a little bit of Jump Start online.  He is learning to read more rapidly because of it actually. Every night, I read a book to him, he reads a book to me. He's learning states, countries, animals, and so much more. Oh, and he's 5. :-) Funny how everyone says that it starts at home, and the parents should raise their children and no one else....but everyone seems to still have a opinion about how our kids are raised.  but when things go bad, they blame it on the parent and say it's not their job.  They are's not.  So shut it



I believe that it is up to the parents to decide what their children can and cannot do with things like computers, TV's, etc. I remember back in the 70's and 80's how TV was rotting everyones minds and it was evil. TV's are still here, and yes, some are definately brain dead, but most are not.

If something needs to be promoted more it is physical activity, the obesity levels in North America are way too high.



I've read quite bit about this and I believe it's true.

It's not a new theory, but until someone shows how much damage it's doing to the economy it will continue to be swept under the rug.

I like computers as much as the next guy but sometimes you just have to admit that technology has its limits and, more often than not, pitfalls.




I knew something was wrong with me, stupid learning games..

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