Psst, Intel - We Want USB 3.0!



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my mtech project is utmi

aim is to publish ieee paper on usb3.0

give me suggestions



+1 for USB 3.



Why impede the progress of USB? Support USB 3.0 sooner please.



My AMD mobo has usb 3.0 support, but it's with the NEC USB 3.0 controller. Not actually supported by the chipset itself. Haven't gotten any USB3 gear yet either. But then again, my external hard drive is hooked up via e-sata. Which from what I gather is faster than USB3.



They may not be the fastest chips on the block, but they do what I need, when I need it, and they aren't afraid of new tech that they don't control. The whole thing sounds like the entire 64 bit processor debate that Intel ignored long enough for AMD to come in and kick them in the 'nards over a few years back...

 Go ahead, Intel, stick with USB 2.0. I'll be fine...


Have you ever wondered why intelligence can normally be found in an individual, but runs screaming in terror from a group? Though, there are exceptions...



Just bought a USB3.0 ExpressCard for my laptop, and a dual-bay USB3.0 HDD Docking station (Sharkoon, hasn't arrived yet) so that I can use external hard drives far more convienently. 

Widespread adoption would be nice, but when I build my next PC I'll get an add-in card if I must.


But yes, Intel is stupid. 



Please Mr. Intel, I want my USB3!



I will not be updating from my 1366 MOBO untol USB 3 is supported.

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Hear this : I won't be buying a computer (especially laptop) until usb 3.0 comes out. That means that if in the mean time AMD has regained the lead *gasp* you will be missing out on revenues from would be buyers. Not to mention the smartphone purchases are growing faster now than ever and you don't have a mobile cpu that works. Do you? Ok then, instead of killing the golden goose and trying to come out with a high tech port to replace the ubiquitous usb port just enjoy your time on the top and make the most of it by selling your super hot cpus.

@ Maximumpc : I tried to enter this comment via Nexus One and guess what?! The leading tech magazine's website is not that mobile friendly. The comment box doesn't even show up as an input field. LAME



I can also confirm this. The subject line works but the comment box will not accept text on android 2.1 using the standard browser. I have not tried an alternate browser.



I can comment from my windows mobile phone just fine. Tried it with opera mobile and skyfire. both work



ah I am able to enter text in the HTML popup window.. not optimal.. will have to check out opera and that other sky browser.. I am using nexus one



opera for android on the other hand seems to work fine. i just posted this from my phone. this may be my new android web browser. its much faster than the standard browser it seems.



If you have any RDRAM laying around, let me know.

I will take it off your hands, no charge, and pay for shipping!



If Intel doesn't support USB 3.0 then what is the point of all the motherboard manufacturers putting USB 3.0 on the latest Intel boards?



The point of the article is that Intel hasn't built USB 3.0 into their chipsets yet.  Motherboard manufacturers can always add another USB controller chip on their boards to add a few USB 3.0 ports, but that adds to the price, takes up valuable circuit board realestate, and only gives you a few ports that support the higher speed as opposed to all of the ports on the board.

Until Intel adds USB 3.0 into their chipsets there isn't likely to be mass adoption in the industry for USB 3.0.  Which may be Intel's way of creating a need in the market for an alternative high-speed interface that they would conveniently bring to market sooner.



Assuming this turns out to be true, to me it looks like this is theire best effort at trying to kill USB and replace it with Light Peak, I cant wait for the cables for my peripherals to begin costing more than my peripherals.

Thumbs-down intel, my next system will be AMD.


Talcum X

 But can you get a Light Peak coffee warmer or heated blanket or charge your camera?  NO! 

As fiber optics are well overdue in this application, there are just some things it cant do.  Can you have a Light Peak thumb drive?  No.  The device plugged in has to have it's own power source.  So, I don't see this replacing USB anytime soon.  Replace other things...yes.  But Not USB.


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