PSP Vita Gets US Release Date



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Nintendo will always win in this market anyway. They have Pokemon FFS.



Soon as it gets working CFW, I'll have to pick one up.



Meh, I'll buy it in Febuary, I already have tablets, phones, ipod touches, and 3DS. 



At $300 for the unit and probably $100 or more for the accessories and 1 game I think I'd rather just go with a tablet or new smart phone. I think Nintendo already realized that $250 was asking a bit much for the 3DS and priced it down to something more reasonable.

Plus, it's Sony.


Duck Dodgers

Who's gonna buy this thing in Feb!? Might as well get one imported from JP. It's region unlocked, right? They have that weird "circle is ok, x is back button" issue, but other than that it's the same. I got half a mind to get a 3DS for christmas this year and wait for Vita next year. That will give us time to dodge the buggy early adopter models and hopefully some good games get released by then.



Yeah not when you release it at the end of feb... They had the hype train going tell they anounced it wasn't coming out for christmas... now it's on everyones back burner, and with the now mentallity people will buy tablets, phones, ipod touch, and 3DS this holiday seeig no reason to buy the vita in Feb. Sony dropped the ball on this one again... great hardware, but poor marketing... like usual.



You do realize that upon its announcement the Vita was slated for a worldwide release before Christmas right? Fun fact: Production was delayed not by crappy marketing but by a major earthquake in Japan. 

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