PSP Go Getting a Price Cut?



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Yeah, I agree with everyone else, the PSP is a waste of money. I hardly use my PSP-1001.

Now, I tell you what would make it more interesting: Linux support. That would be cool. But I'm still pissed that Sony took away linux support from my PS3. I'll all PC now.






...reason I don't want a PSP is because there aren't too many good games on it for me to want to buy it. When it came to the next gen hand-helds the first one that came to my mind (this is after seeing a PSP and DS) was the DS. Now I want to get a 3DS (despite having a DS Lite) because of the game lineup (biggest reason is because Megaman Legends 3 was annouced for 3DS).



Too expensive, annoying ergonomics, and, if I'm not mistaken, wasn't the PSP GO created without a UMD port? Thanks, but no thanks. I have a perfectly good PSP-2000, and enough UMD's that I really don't want to re-buy in a digital format just for the GO...



I won't be getting one. My friend has had his PSP for over 11 months now, and he only has one game for it. I love all of my games for my iPod Touch - as I'm a very casual gamer and prefer to game on short bursts of time. And for ever PSP game that I'd have to shell out for, I could probably get 20-30 games from the App-Store.



I have a PSP 3000 now.... considering it has a bigger screen and the capability to read UMDs, it is actually MORE capable than a PSP Go.

However, even if I didn't have my PSP, going for a Go (or even what looks to be a new version making the same old mistakes Sony has made with every.... single... model... to date) would be a stupid move.

No touch screen, poor ergonomics, no productivity apps, relatively high price (even with the $50 discount), a STUPID-SLOW wi-fi chip, poor PS1 ports, no second joystick (stilll!?? WTF?) and not to forget being stuck with Sony's lame and expensive memory stick Pro Duo format. After seeing these same mistakes repeated time and again, in model after model, while the PSPs sales fall, model after model, it is clear that Sony simply doesn't listen to their customers even a rittle bit.

So, I'm on my last PSP unless I see some very major (and well implemented *cough*) changes to the construction of the platform and the apps available. 



I can count the number of good PSP games on one hand.  No way I will ever buy one.






I would not buy a PSP Go even if it was 5 dollars. At least not until the Broadband networks are mature enough to actually supply the games at a quick pace (~faster than it would take to drive to the store and purchase the game in UMD format then return home and play) as well as i do not like the design of the PSP Go. to me it looks far too clunky.  ALSO i have an PSP 1000 that i am quite happy with and have no need to upgrade. The only issue i have with my PSP 1000 is theres some scratches and other blemishes.

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