PSA: Save $20 on an Amazon Kindle Fire HD for Father's Day



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I have a Kindle Fire HD and I love it! It's easy to understand and the interface is perfect. Here's the one I have on Amazon If you're looking for a tablet you should check it out, I think it's very underrated.



I think I'd rather have a tie - a bow tie, Because bow ties are cool.



I bought my wife a 7" Kindle Fire HD to replace her old Kindle 2 ereader. She really likes it and does not feel at all restricted with it. But she is not a power user by any stretch of the imagination.

I use an Asus TF300T 10.1" tablet unlocked and rooted that runs Android 4.2 with a custom ROM and an overclockable kernel. (I am using it right now to send this post.)

Before buying it I tried and returned a Samsung Note 10.1" and replaced it with this one. With everything stock the Samsung was faster, but once I customized the Asus it wins the race.

Display quality is about the same. Price of the Asus was much lower.



The wife and the in-laws have 'em and they like it. I'm used to a rooted stock Android 4.2.2 on my smartphone so using it feels limiting at times. Amazon's app store is smaller than Google play but it has a "free app of the day" promotion.

I recommend getting the Kindle Fire if you plan to invest in the Amazon ecosystem or it will be used mainly for content consumption.



Anyone have one of these and care to comment on them? I'm still tabletless in a tablet world and have considered these in the past. Just don't know of anyone who has used one and can offer up a recommendation (or not).



Definitely get a Nexus 7. The Kindle HD is nice but its too locked down. With a Nexus 7 you have the freedom to do what you want and customize it the way you want it. Trust me I had both and returned the Kindle.



The Kindle Fire HD tablets are nice, but are pretty locked-down by Amazon. As in, you have to buy everything from Amazon. That may not necessarily be a bad thing, depending on what you'll do on it. If you want a less restrictive version of Android, go with the Nexus 7.

I would suggest making your way to a store like Staples or Best Buy that carries both, and comparing the two to see if you like that Amazon-heavy interface/app store or not.

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