PSA: Don't Pay for Free Books on Kindle



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Just seems like good business for Amazon to stop it now that it's been brought to light. I mean, they don't HAVE to, but it's just good customer service.



For $%#$%@ sake, when are you guys going to do something about the SPAM??? The old filtering system was a pain in the ass but at least it kept out these douchebags.

Seriously, it's gotten to the point where if I see an article with 1 reply I don't even bother cause I know it's one of these jackasses.

And yes, Amazon should block these books and make it very clear this behavior won't be permitted. Just because it's technically legal doesn't mean they should allow it.




While yes, it is unethical to sell something that is public domain, they are not violating the terms of the Gutenberg License.

This quote from the summary, explains it

"If you strip the Project Gutenberg license and all references to Project Gutenberg from the ebook, you are left with a public domain ebook. You can do anything you want with that."

Is it the responsibility of the buyer or seller to decide what the price is?

The buyer sets the price, if it costs too much in our eyes (not free), then we dont buy it, or we buy an alternative(download from Gutenberg for free).


The situation is slightly analogous to, "cable companies charging for the history channel or Speed Channel, when you can watch it on Hulu for free."

In short, they really have no obligation to police the pricing, the same as stores have no obligation to tell you a product is cheaper at a competitor.





Short answer: No.

Long answer: No.

Obviously Amazon can't police everything with a fine tooth comb, but since it was brought to light it is absolutely their duty to stop it.

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