PS3 Hacker’s Legal Defense Fund Reaches Funding Goal



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Sony suing him?? Because of their lack of skill in coding the PS3, if anything, they should hire this guy to work for them so that he can pinpoint to Sony's programmers, all of the faulty codes before they're released to the general public. If anything, being able to "hack" only goes to show that you're atleast-as or more intelligent than the people who programmed the codes.



there are people with more pressing legal issues who try to rely on legal defense funds that are chronically short on money- and the stories there are truly tragic.

yet people ponied up for a hacker who has no worries about the downstream effect- I guess his next step is trying to hack nuclear codes to put on the web for home brew



The reason why Sony is going after him is because he keeps finding exploits for people to run software, no matter what it is. And from what I see half the time, people keep using it to run "backed up games". If it comes to a point where it starts to hurt the legitimate user (aka, me), then no. Tell your minions to stop this crap.

Time for some PIROOMA statistics:

  • >95% of the PS3 customers bought a PS3 to play games
  • Maybe about <10% is actually interested in jailbreaking or hacking
  • If that can be used to run downloaded games, that figure will probably jump up to 20%-30%

Also for home brewstuff, I honestly don't care because there isn't anything a PS3 can do that a perfectly fine $500 Linux can do as good, if not better.



I didn't know about a legal defense fund?!?!?! I would've donated, but oh well, if it opens up again, I'll definitely send $20 or so his way. I feel strongly about this situation--and I am not a gamer--because Sony was not harmed in no way, shape or form.Their crying and bawling is really pointless. I think the only way Sony can be harmed is if he were to blatantly COPY their code and sell consoles with their code. From what I've read and heard, he's only enabled PS3 users to "open" their systems, and what they do afterwards is the given individual's perrogative.

I hope the judge and jury determines Sony to be frivoulous and turn their attention to more relevant znd meaningful issues. Meanwhile, I hope Sony's competitors cream them in sales and stock value. Wouldn't shed a tear if Sony posted for bankruptcy.

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