Proposed Bill Gives Obama the Power to Shut Down the Internet



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Here's an idea, disconnect the internet from foreign countries. Like say places like CHINA where the attack will probably come from. Would someone be stupid enough to attack a place they live near when they can do it from across the world?



Seriously, if The Prez of the USSR-sorry USA needs to shutdown all of our tweets or facebook pages or any of the other stupid social networks, I'll be more than happy. Plus, less WoW means more intelligent conversations.

What do you think they did 25 years ago?

People spoke with each other. IN PERSON.






You sir, are an idiot.



 Thank you.




I Jedi

No God damn security without freedom. NO GOD DAMN SECURITY WITHOUT FREEDOM... "He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither." - Ben Franklin



I doubt if they could even do this as not only would this shut down the U.S's internet but also Canada's as our networks are interconnected, with some web hosts and ISP's using both Canadian and American servers to host content from both countries. As an example's sites are spread out between both countries, as are most companies websites. The U.S would have to confer with it's Canadian counter parts before such an action would happen. The same thing can happen with the power grids, when we had that big blackout a couple years ago that was started in, I think Ohio or Indiana, knocked out the power to Ontario as well. So I see this as a bad thing as I don't want another country in control of my internet. Our Governments would have to work together to get this off the ground, and maybe even Mexico might be affected by this as well.



It would pretty much shut down everyone's internet, or at the very least leave gaping holes in it.



Who is John Galt?



It's kind of scary, but I guess it makes sense. If terrorists try to attack us through the Internet, there should be a way to shut it down and stop them. Even if the bill passes, I doubt it will ever happen. 


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



The Dear Leader, the Kenyan, will bring RUIN TO US ALL!!



wow this is completly stupid. this is just terrible.  Starting to sound like the patriot act.  The gov't is just trying to find clever ways to spy on us and control us.



Here goes freedom of speech! The right to bear arms is next then COMMUNISM!






Only if we allow this to happen.  Only if we cede our First Amendment gaurantees under the constitution will this happen.  Our first and best hope must rely on the vocal among us who see the absolute idiocy of this banal tripefest legislation for what it is a deception of security to protect a gaurantee that in reality removes the gaurantee and makes of us slaves to our government.  We must band together petition those who would vote for this bill Non Stop until they acquiesce. 

Failing that our second best hope must come from those who are willing to water the tree of liberty and as a previous poster commented:  UN pervert our lawmakers by making them see the light of reason through force of arms or by allowing them to assume room temperature prior to their naturally ordained time of in the words of Paul the Apostle "Falling Asleep".  

This bill contains everything that is necessary from a legal standpoint for Obama or any other sitting president to create a Saurbereng and a kristallnacht in one sweep of the presidential pen.  It is EXACTLY what Franklin was refering to when he said "Those who would trade a little temporary security for liberty deserve neither and will not recieve either"




Thanks to Microsoft, the Govt can already see everything on your hard drive including encrypted data so who really cares if they turn off their ability to see our data?


Turning off the Internet would only protect our data from Govt spying!


Thanks Obama!

Shut that Evil Porn Virus Network down now! 



Why?! Why would you even want this? There are thousands of companies

out there that rely on the internet to survive! Really, the internet means

money for these companies, and if you take that away, I would want some money

for the damage you just did. And even if the US was under a 'cyber attack', I

think more harm would be done by turning of the internet, or slowing it down,

because of how connect the world is to it. You also have to consider, the US is

not the only country with the internet, if you shut it down here, it will

pretty much such it down everyone else; do we really want that on our hands if

we use this? Also, I believe this could be a violation of the first amendment,

because there are, I would say, millions of people who blog every day, and now

Obama could just take all that away. There comes a point where big government

does more harm than good, and that was a long time ago.



The government can shut down the highway system if it chooses, would they have to pay trucking companies back?  Nope. 

has nothing to do with the 1st amendment, one can express themselves in
any way they see fit, if a medium is taken away it does not affect that
right it just changes how one expresses those ideas not if they can.  

president has all sorts of powers that he CAN use but there are no
practical reasons to use them but they are there just in case.  He has
the entire military at his disposal, it doesn't mean he will use it at
random.  Do you really think he would shut down the internet in the US
(and pretty much world) lightly?  Allies would be furious, the UN would
be pissed, the people who PICKED him would be pissed. 

bitch about the US Government but voter turnout is always low, the
entire government could be completely changed in 7 years, if people
have an issue with how things are going stop bitching and vote for
someone else.



"The government can shut down the highway system if it chooses"

This violates at least three sections of the constitution, right of travel between state borders, right of senators and congressmen to not be impeded in their travel to and from their home state and the capitol, interstate commerce clause violation. And if it happened, after the fiasco that ensues, we would find whichever morons corpse that enacted this hanging from the top of the Arch in St. Louis.   

"He has the entire military at his disposal..."

Wrong again.  The Joint Chiefs advise the Sec Def who Advises the President on matters of the military states of readiness etc and the President can ONLY prosecute a military action in either a declared State of Emergency, A War Declared by Congress, or through use of "Inherent Powers", which incidentally always are challenged, see United States V. Nixon, Clinton v Jones, Youngstown Sheet & Tube v Sawyer etc., All though the President has the US Airforce Colonel or Major at his side with the "football" He may only ask for that suitcase to be opened AFTER congress has declared a war. 

"The president has all sorts of powers that he CAN use but there are no
practical reasons to use them..."

Again wrong.  The powers of the President are executive in nature and are fully delinieated by the constitution and most of the time that a sitting president excercises power BEYOND those outlined in the constitution The Supreme Court rules against him. Again see United States V. Nixon.  Clinton V. Jones, Younstown Sheet & Tube v Sawyer.

"Do you really think he would shut down the internet in the US
(and pretty much world) lightly?"

No He would not do it "lightly" but in the case of the current sitting president, a left leaning communist sympathizing "community organizer" from Kenya who has the agenda of ruining the foundation of this great country if he were given such unilateral power we would effectively be in a totalitarian state thirty seconds after he signed such legislation without benefit of any protections of the constitution.  For he would declare a state of emergency, then turn off the internet, then the news networks then you can well bet that a krystallnacht would happen this time most probably against white anglo-saxon men over the age of 30 who vote conservative.  And then my uninformed friend all of those brave men and women who have shed their blood in defense of this nation will have died truly in vain as we would be responsible for our own downfall. because we failed to see the enemy within.  When we saw the enemey within we stood Idly by whilst he assumed power, then we willingly gave him our precious freedoms and liberties.  and you can bet your last dollar that given the opportunity and the means to do so Bolshevik Barry will do exactly that.  You dont claim Bill Ayers as acquaintence without you have lived the life of a weatherman.  Lay down with dogs get up with fleas.  And Bolshevik Barry got a TON of liberal fleas on him




 Any Company that requires the Internet for survival has no right to exist!

 I want money for damages incurred by you even saying something so retarded

You sound like one of those  useless eaters that should be rounded up and sent to a FEMA Camp for disposal

And quit crying about the 1st Amendment!

You don't have any rights SLAVE!

I bet you listen to Alex Jones @ and Prison 

You Nutt 



Settle down troll.  What's with all this double spacing all the sudden?  You are wearing out my scroll wheel with your idiocy.



I believe this bill arose after the article was recently shown that crackers had manage to break into the U.S. Electrical grid and left software in it.  I can see where they are coming from, if some attacker on the internet managed to get into a nuclear weapons missle silo and , theoretically, initiated a launch of a missle, the best thing that could be done would be to cut the internet and use a local override.


That being said, this is still a pretty damn scary issue, and even I am still wary of the idea.



But our Internal logs show that the attacks originated from within the United States

Sounds like the U.S. Govt is getting ready to start killing off Americans and blaming it on others to get WW3 up and running

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