Proof that Email Scams Still Work: Woman Loses $400K



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If these scams do indeed still work, then why were you not able to give us an article which does not date back to November 18, 2008?



you do relies that this article was written on 11/19/2008 dont you? check the date at the top of the article. they dont delete any articles off the site so just becas you read it in 2009 doesn't mean it was writin in 2009.



Greedy greedy greedy


Mighty BOB!

I'm sad now. This brings into question my faith in the ability of our species to survive when it is comprised of such stupidity...


-edit- Ha, great time for a grammatical typo... 




You don't get money by giving money. Wall st should teach us all that lesson.


"There's no time like the future."


Keith E. Whisman

A sucker is born every minute of everyday.



She may be a smart and intelligent person, she is just not street smart or wise.

If someone left a ferrari running in china town with no one around and a guy said its yours and hands you the second set of keys.  Would you take it?

 Knowing that there could be drugs, explosives, or that the car belongs to the Pit Bosses Wife?

Yeah if it looks to good to be true, it probably is.  Oh and terrorists already now have 400K +




theirs also timing.


from my reading it seemed she knoew about A Grandfather she had lost contact with. And this email suddenly says her grandfather is sick...



I wonder if her husband knew. I wonder if she still has a husband.



Holy F**k!??! The old long lost Nigerian grandad scam. That old chestnut, eh?...



nowhere do i feel any sympathy to this women. i first saw the emails and thought "man you would have to be a retard to fall for this crap"


lets all point at this women and call her a retard....she gets what she gets for being greedy



I'm sorry but anyone that dumb deserves whatever they get.  Seriously you have to have rocks in your head to beleive something like that.



You'd think getting financial advice from George Bush would scare anyone into not following through with what they're doing.



You can't con an honest John.  Thats what greed gets you, serves her right.



That's the power of denial.  After the first couple times she got duped her mind just told her that she couldn't be wrong about this.



I'm sorry, I know this sounds cold, but I have absolutely no sympathy for this woman.  If you get taken by scams like this, you deserve what you get.  I'm tired of hearing people complain about losing their money to well documented scams like this.  We need to face, there are some people out there that are just dumb, or do dumb things (me included), and when we do those things, we should take our lumps, learn and move on.  i can see losing money to a well orchestrated scheme by pro con men (i.e. fake business investments and stocks and so forth) that provide a lot of material as "proof", but a random email from an unknown source, please.  Like the old sayings go, "If it seems too good to be true it is" and "A fool and their money are soon parted."



The reason the woman got taken in was greed. It was the thought of getting great gain for a small investment. I can't say that the husband was much smarter. If I had the retirerment plan he had and my wife started doing this I would have lock her out of it and he also should have gotten the police involved in it early on. The very least he could have done at any point was gotten her declared unfit to handle her finacial affairs and prevented the fiscal meltdown he is now in. Oh well the old saying "Theres's a sucker born every minuet" still holds true. She will get fooled in the future if she still thinks she's not gullible as she apparently has'nt learned her lesson. KOMMANDER



 Yeah reminds me off all the people that keep giving their money away to the casino's. They keep giving the little money they have away hoping for a big payout they the facts show will most likely never happen. Besides if she was a nurse she probably hated her job and was looking for a way out.


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