Project Natal Sets Its Creepy, Glowy Sights on the PC



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I thought the whole point of video games was to be able to do things you couldnt in real life, while sitting back and having a nice beer yelling at the litle madden players running around not following your plays!  But pretty soon you'll have be active?  WTF!

Tony hawks game comes with a skateboard as a controller!! I wanted to make an ass out of myself trying to skateboard again i would go outside!  


I fucking hate this stupid "next gen" controllers.  I have a wii, it was cool for about a month then it was more of a paper weight than a video game console.





Now my mother--who can't talk if she can't move her hands and arms all over the place--has a whole NEW way she'll be able to screw up the computer.



I've heard a lot about Natal, however I've heard very little of the PS3's motion sensor thingy...How about an article for that?



i definetly agree... could be used for big brother!



The possibilities are endless! Just think of all the gestures going unused today. Whats that one called were you brush your fingertips along the bottom of your chin? I don't use that nearly enough. Now I can close documents with it! And when bary from 3 cubicles over melts down because I was giving him the finger, I can say "relax man, I was just hitting the UNDO button."

Although, the paranoid part of me is thinking about how the government is going to have a hayday with all this facial recognition data. Between that and cell phone gps there will be no escape from big brother! Ok, off to go make a new foil hat.

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