Professor: WoW Could Be Used to Save the Environment



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We're the Planeteers!
You can be one, too!
'Cause saving our planet is the thing to do!
Looting and polluting is not the way,
Hear what Captain Planet has to say!!

Look behind you! A THREE-headed monkey!!!!!!!!



This would probably have the opposite effect. You would need to appeal to peoples sense of altruism rather than reward them. I am sure that the designer would limit how often you would be rewarded with in game gold or items similar to the way WoW will limit certain holiday buffs or how often spells can be activated. If not you have people turning lights on and off just to get gold. So lets say you can only get gold once every hour for turning off the lights. /turnofflights /turnonlights wait 1 hour repeat. Bottom line is that WoW or anything else we can type into an mmo isn't going to save the planet. Incorporating the real world into the game would probably make the RP servers blow up lol. It would be nice to be able to /pee or /poo and know I am good for another couple hours of play time though.



What ever happened to shutting off lights and devices not being used b/c it saved money?  Am I the only one who's parents yelled at them to "Shut the door, I'm not air conditioning the neighborhood" or "Turn that light off, the dog doesn't need to read the paper"? 

What a bunch of crap.

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Nice!  Wait...he's serious, isn't he?  The obvious implication here is that gamers use more than their (soon to be government-allotted) fair share of electricity and need to be made aware of it by invading their fantasy escapes.  Just like P2P & torrent-ers use more than their ISP-allotted fair share of bandwith.  Goodbye freedom, you were cool while you lasted.


I Jedi

I look forward to the day when WoW gets its ass knocked off of number 1 in XFire. Spade, the game, came close, but it was too bad it wasn't so.



The hillarious thing about MMORPGs is that in 20 years everyone will have retrospectively wasted a shitload of time with absolutely nothing to show for it.



Just like television!



captain planet pic has me rolling laughin....



or should i say captain mullet.



anybody else waiting for the WoW killer?  this is now getting helping everybody go green. i mean for eff's sakes....the sheer absurdness of this is astounding.

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