Professional Gamers Accused of Doping. Who Didn't See That Coming?



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Damn lowlifes, I think if your going to be a gamer, being healthy is a top priority even though it doesnt seem like its on everyones list of to-do's. WoW marathons, 24 hours of eating and sitting in front of a computer, especially everyday not to speak for myself sometimes, it seems out of hand.


I play CS 1.6 most, and Im betting that 97% of the people who play usually at night are telling everyone how much they do drugs or get drunk, or how baked they already are. Thing is noone cares so keep it to yourself.



I take adderall and no doubt it enhances my concentration accuracy focus and anticpation and my awareness of whats happening around me in my pc gaming ITS STEROIDS FOR THE MIND!! 



Everything is a treasure hunt on adderall.  It even takes the mind-numbing qualities out of those 60-wo/man WoW raids.  Pretty scary though, when you haven't had anything to eat all day and you're not hungry because of all the stimulants...



While it's a pretty stupid name for a product, FpsBrain is just a vitamin supplement.  While I suppose that anything like a supplement could be TECHNICALLY labeled a drug, it's no different than a 50 year old taking a multivitamin specially formulated for people over 50.  Gamers now have their specially formulated vitamin, and that's just plain silly.


Talcum X

Watever happened to Red Bull, or Balz energy drinks?  Short of getting a scrip. for Speed, most drugs dont sharpen your gaming skills.


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.

"In Ireland, there are more drunks per capita than people."  -  Peter Griffin



If the drugs are illegal then they shouldn't be allowed to use them, but caffine? C'mon, thats just rediculous.  A lot of these tournaments are sponsored by Bawls or something like that so its stupid to even worry about caffine.  Weed and Ritalin are different subjects though.  If they are used illegally then the contestants should be thrown out.  But as far as I know, without a full blood work-up or urinalysis, there is no way to prove that these drugs are being used.

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