Products Featuring AMD's Fusion Chip to Debut Next Year



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My jaw dropped when I heard AMD is debuting Bulldozer with a 16-core processor. If AMD really made strides to improve performance and power consumption (although I heard it was just performance, understandable), then I might wait and see what the final Bulldozer offerings are, versus Intel's initial quad-core with hyper-threading option that Sandy Bridge will come with later this year (if they keep their promise). I believe Intel is releasing a 6-core processor later, but that's still only 12 threads

I'm idly waiting for either of them to come out as consideration for my next build.



Intel's 980X 6-core and its Xeon X5680 (same as 980x but with dual QPI, so it can be used in dual CPU setups for workstations/servers/extremists) came out a long time ago. Were you under a rock for... 5 months?? It was released in March! And the hype surrounding it here at MPC and just about everywhere else was huge!




those Xeons are amazing.

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