Pro Sports Feel Piracy Pressure



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that I think traditional cable is in trouble the next 5 years.  As the internet continues to grow I think more and more programming will be broadcast online.  Most of the networks air their shows online via their own websites already, but with the popularity of YouTube, Hulu, Joost, and others increasing I think most networks will have to put their broadcasts online just to compete.  Add the fact that more and more people have home theater PCs in their living rooms and you have a combustable situation for cable companies.  Now, in regards to the article, it would be nice if the NFL, NHL, NBA, and NCAA would stream their games online too.  Well, CBS does broadcast the Final Four tournament for free every year so that's nice.

 That being said, can anyone tell me some great sites for watching college and pro sports games?  I haven't found anything beyond the "possibly pirated satellite feeds" companies.



And the MLB responded the best way any industry can:

“it’s embryonic, it’s not widespread, and we have a distinct advantage in that we have a better product,”

What they sell is much more than a single stream of a game. You can tune to any game you want, to any angle you choose, real time stats...

Instead of bitching about piracy eating their lunch, they offer a service that´s well worth paying for and not available anywhere else.



You also have services like, which I use to be able to see my English soccer team play, since it's rarely on here, and then usually only on FSC, but sometimes the bigger games are on ESPN



"Because of said feud, millions of fans missed out on seeing the Dallas Cowboys’ last game in their current home stadium, while millions more saw it all online for free."

 And that's basically how the internet works right there. $80 for a season of games, or find them all for free online (and probably without commericals). More companies should realize that, thanks to broadband, TV is starting to slowly phase out. Sure there are some people who will keep their TVs, but there's no denying that services, even legit ones like Hulu, are on the rise. Cmon sports, give the 21st century a try.  



I haven't used these services so this is just a guess.... but if someone is streaming a game live.... wouldn't commercials be included?

Wouldn't that mean more ad revenu if the major leagues offered their own live feed?




Most of the time that I've seen feeds, they're not live. I guess that's part of why you'd pay the money for the football package through your cable tv or whatnot. Personally, I don't care if I see the game an hour after it's finished, but I know some people have to see it right then, so they need that football package.

Right now, the best thing that TV has going for it is the quality guarantee. When you watch a ripped video online, you don't know if you're getting a dvd rip, an in-theater bootleg, or a thinly veiled porno. Every time my parents turn on their TV, they know they aren't going to get something pixelated with Japaneese subtitles.  But for those of us with not a lot of money, it's worth the lack in quality. 

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