Pro Photographer: Dell Mini's Screen is Better Than The MacBook Pro



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“overall huge accuracy”


I think that this is supposed to be "overall hue accuracy". 


Just trying to be a good anonymous editor.



well done Andy.



@Andy, did you read the same article that I did? It lists two Lenov laptops AHEAD of the Dell mini. The reviewer gushes over both Lenov laptops and the only negative about the W700 is it's size, as it is more of a desktop replacement than a portable. You need to re-read the review again. The order of finish:

Ordering the displays with an emphasis on colour accuracy, the list looks like this:

  1. Lenovo ThinkPad W700
  2. IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T60
  3. Dell Inspiron Mini 9
  4. Apple late-2008 MacBook Pro 15 inch

Ordering the displays with an emphasis on viewing angle flexibility, the list becomes:

  1. IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T60
  2. Lenovo ThinkPad W700
  3. Apple late-2008 MacBook Pro 15 inch
  4. Dell Inspiron Mini 9

Show me again where Dell is number one? The reviewers final comments below:

If you yearn for a laptop display that rises above acceptable, one whose colour accuracy matches a good desktop display, there's only one in this test: the ThinkPad W700. In fact, for us, it could just about replace a desktop display for colour critical work and even soft proofing for print in Photoshop (a task that lays bare any weirdnesses in a screen and its monitor profile).

Just about, but not quite: Practically any good 24 inch desktop monitor (that is, one with the same 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution) will eclipse the W700 in screen evenness and viewing angle flexibility, including the Eizo ColorEdge CE240W used as the reference monitor for this article. So, given the budget, a separate external monitor will still be desirable.

The fact that the W700's screen can even be discussed as a possible desktop screen replacement, though, is a testament to what Lenovo has achieved. On balance, it's the best laptop display we've ever seen, rivaled only by the ThinkPad T60 and its 1400 x 1050 pixel FlexView display from a couple of years ago.

Coming up the middle is the Dell Inspiron Mini 9, the laptop whose price tag should mean it can't compete on screen quality, but somehow does. For those who can accept that its usable viewing angle is quite narrow, it rewards with surprisingly good colour accuracy.



Read this yesterday on Ron's site. Now I want to see a comparision between the Lenovo and a Sony AW with a HD display.

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