Pro Gamer Scores Dr Pepper Endorsement, Fights-Off Fans with A Stick



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Keith E. Whisman

Yeah there will be a movie soon I'm sure of it.. Starring Tom Cruise as the Gamer.



I've never seen any MLG news outside of... well, the MLG site.

And I happen to like their nicknames (well, most of them).  I figured the MPC crew would have at least heard of  MLG by now...



I think they were sayin' they've never heard about this kid with magic thumbs. I'm sure they know about the MLG.

BTW... He started carrying a sharpie 'like Payton Manning'. LMFAO! Good times. But I'm not gonna knock the kid for being successful. Good for him. Just funny stuff right there.



I have a friend here where I live and him and few of his guys are big fans of MLG however I am not, theri Xbox360 guys Im not lol. Another "professional" gamer, making a living off playing games.... I think they should just go ahead and make gaming a Major in college.

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