Privacy Group Calls on FTC to Kill Google Docs



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Shutdown Gmail, i would cry.... hell shut down all email why dont you.  If you go that far just shut off the internet, its technically all hackable at some point intime and will have a flaw some day.  Lets put everything back to paper, cut down some more trees.... This entire idea is stupid, so google goofed up, it happens all the time.




First of all the idea of trying to get Gmail shut down is downright crazy, are these guys in Yahoo!'s pocket?  Second $5 mil to advocacy groups??  So they can do what, make false accusations and gunk up the legal system?  Third, their analogy blows.  Everyone should understand that if you put something on the net, that there's a chance it could get exposed.  If you put your kid in a car seat, there's still a chance they could get injured and / or die.  If you're installing a car seat that doesn't fit properly, you should be able to figure that out pretty damn quick.  Most people would probably return it, unless of course it was FREE; then you would accept the risk or just never use it.  And where are all their complaints against Microsoft and every other software developer out there?  Just about any program has ninja bugs waiting to jump out and axe a few people.  It's not like anyone is twisting every one's arm to use Google Docs.  If there were a legal requirement to use cloud computing (car seats anyone?) they might have a case, last I checked though it was a personal decision and therefor a personal problem.


Keith E. Whisman

I think that's a cz-75 compact model.


Peanut Fox

"If we were talking about a child safety seat that could not be securely attached to a car passenger seat, the commission in that instance would say to the company, 'Look, you've got to fix that problem,'"

Comparing a computer to a car is one thing.  Comparing the Internet to a child safety seat is just asinine.

By this logic Microsoft and Apple need to turn off all computers with an Internet connection running their respective OSs.  Security vulnerabilities within these softwares could allow an attacker to compromise your system in any number of ways.  While your at it, might as well go one step further and rip your router out of the wall.  Wouldn't want anyone to go spoofing your MAC address.

I'm willing to bet Marc Rotenberg knows little of Cloud Computing and the obvious risks involved when using this technology. 




The difference is a child safety seat doesn't come with a big sticker that said, "Beta.  This is a free product and we make no guarantees of it actually saving your child's life."

Google's given us a plethora of revolutionary and free products. Contrary to the old addage, even with the glitches, we're still getting more than we've paid for.



Really? Is my next paper being exposed really as bad as dying babies?

Fuck you, EPIC.



EPIC , FDA, even Police, and other government scumbag should stop abusing their infinite authorative power !! These BIG GUYS can simply post BIG FINE to anything that want, at any price they want.  If a bridge or tunnel or highway was damaged due to poor maintenance by the city officials, these scumbags simply raise the prices for the tolls.

I pity GOOGLE, I have total respect for GOOGLE - they've provided us with FREE and outstanding service ( google searh engine, gmail, among others) that have benefit us for many many years. They don't deserved to be punished at all, at any price. 




The government's role is not that of a babysitter, and should have nothing to do with how a companies services are run. No one is being forced to use them.


I Jedi

It's not going to happen guys... However, Google is going to be forced, rather willing or not, to fix and upgrade their protection to prevent future mishaps. 



I think the real reason behind this lawsuit appears at the end of the article, in the sentence, "EPIC also wants Google to pay $5 million into a "public fund" to benefit advocacy groups."  


Barring a HUGE lawsuit and enormous legal action, Google is not going to shut down gmail.  It would leave millions and millions of people without email and would turn a whole hell of a lot of public opinion against Google.  This lawsuit is obviously just a fishing scheme by EPIC to try to get some funding.  For some reason they believe that Google owes them $5 million for trying to shut down some of Google's biggest services?


Anyone who uses any cloud computing should understand that there are risks involved in the action, and that you are putting trust in the company(ies) who is hosting your apps/info.  If you can't fathom the possibility of security breaches, downtime and/or bugs, then you probably shouldn't own a computer at all.


Keith E. Whisman

That's a nice handgun is that a Smith and Wesson 1xxx series handgun?

I want one. 



...critical docs or data on someone elses server is an idiot.  I mean why don't you just go ahead and give them the admin pass to your comp while you're at it.  Also, in these days of internet cooties, using any email client is silly.  Leave the email on the ISP servers...add their layer of protection also.

Cloud computing is going to be the biggest mistake in the history of computing.  Google accidently shares .05% of the docs stored on their servers....ummmmk.  Let me guess, I bet none of the accidently shared docs contained Google corporate convenient  :/


Take efficiency, and edit out all the intelligence and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



"Let me guess, I bet none of the accidently shared docs contained Google corporate information.."

Those are probably stored in encrypted Word & Excel documents in a secure location at Google.  As they should be.



EPIC Fail? 



this man speaks the truth. brb shut down google? lol........



they better not shut down my gmail account.



Wow EPIC should not be asking Google to shut down the cloud, much less pay money. They'll fix the holes. For now, if you don't want to risk an unintentional breach in privacy, then use a different email client. I'm gonna keep using my Gmail account imo


nekollx know...dont put critical dicument in a Beta product and expect it to compare to Retail...


just a thought....

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