Prison Guards to Use Pain Ray on Inmates



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They used HumVee mounted models of these in Iraq for crowd control.



Sorry to burst Bobby's bubble, but people are still going to get shanked.


Keith E. Whisman

Freaking Mayberry....


Keith E. Whisman

That's it? Only some 65convicts at Los Angeles Country Jail? Wow. You would think that LA Country Jail would be over crowded. Last I heard LA was a really really big county, population wise, and with the gangs pretty much taking over the streets of LA, the jails would be packed. I'm in Phoenix, in Maricopa County and the gangs own the streets here and our jails are freaking over packed. So what this means is that LA country needs a New Sheriff like Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Joe kicks ass.

So is LA that liberal that it's afraid to go after the criminals? I imagine then that the police only focus on policing the average citizen rather than actually try to prevent crime and actually investigate crimes and arrest perps. So basically the police only go after speeders and drunk drivers in LA since the Jails are so empty that is the only conclusion I can think of. Its just inconceivable to think that LA is the most law abiding county in the country. Really sounds like someone isn't doing their job.



Saw this on Modern Marvels only difference was it was a lot larger and it was mounted on a Humvee.  It uses microwaves to heat just the surface of the skin.  I can't think of the name of the episode but it was something about future weapons or something like that.



Wouldn't a metal food tray defeat this pretty quickly?  Get a buddy to hold the tray while you stab away.

I bet if they just flood the room and knock every prisoner to the ground, the non involved individuals would put the hurt down on anyone trying to commit an offence in the first place.


Peanut Fox

You think they give inmates metal trays to eat off of in a max prison?  They be paper or styrofoam sir.

For what it's worth your proposal makes incredibly good sense.



score!! Wouldn't tranqs be easier thow?



Tranquilizers would be far too expensive.

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