Prince of Persia “Epilogue” DLC Skipping PC



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Out of curiousity, when did Episodic Content change to DLC?  ie. Half Life Chapter 1/2 and Sin Chapter 1.  When Episodic Content turned into Epic Fail?



I lauded them for their approach, can't crack whats not there. But it stands to reason, that PoP wasn't a huge title, and it was really only a single player romp. I bought the game, to show both my support, and my appreciation, but come on guys. This is a sad day for PC Gaming. But don't worry, the next Ubisoft Game, I'll surely p**ate, because you got my money on this one, and it did nothing for you.


Put it this way, say they sell 100 Million Copys (Yeah, as if, I know, but just hear me out), 60.00 a pop canadian, thats how much money they just made? Surely with your other games, this isn't a loss is it? I mean, come on, 50,000 PC Copys, 25,000 of them bought, that still succeeds the production costs... or just use Steam for god sakes.



Just another nail in the coffen of the PC game platform.



I'd love to see a few more words as to the reasons behind this.

I haven't finished PoP yet but when I do I will probably be angry about this. I supported their DRM-free efforts with this excellent game, hoped many others would do the same. I guess not?




Yes I said it... and yes I mean it... F*** Ubisoft... I love their games but they screw us PC guys over... we didnt get Far Cry 2 DLC that the Xbox guys got, and now this?  This is bull s***

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