Pricing, Availability for Toshiba's Portege M780 and Satellite Pro U500



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If you don't mind HP, you can get a pretty similar system in their TM2 line.  works great for taking notes like math notation or schematics.



did anyone else notice that the picture used in this article contained the OS Windows Vista? i sure hope they get the OS right on the real thing, lol


Keith E. Whisman

What do you expect? Toshiba has to screw something up. What with all the touch support that's in Win7 and not in Vista and yet touch devices are being sold with Vista rather than Win7 just so they can mess with people. It's all about fucking with us the consumer. 



Keith E. Whisman

Finally someone gets it. This is what a tablet pc should be. In fact I wish the screen could be larger, say 15" or so with multi touch enabled. And how about a built in snake microphone that can be aimed at an orator during lectures and such. The future of computing is multipurpose not narrow but capable. Todays technology can make a multipurpose computer that can do alot of different things and do them well. Not like the old days. 

Perhaps in the future we will have ultra thin convertable multipurpose, multimedia (remember that word) tablet pc. The future is bright.

I sure hope that in the future that we will never be hobbled by a tri corder. Perhaps a mega corder instead. 

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