Price, Specs of EA's Affordable Crysis Warhead PC Revealed



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and they wonder why the PC gaming community is getting smaller and smaller. Now with your new state of gaming you get included for only $699.00 the PC to play it on. That's like buying a new XBox everytime you buy a new game. What's next?



Yes, they did  make the game easier to run on slower systems, but do to a tight buget, I have a freaking e machine... piece of shit computer. Anyways, i'd buy it. Seems like it'd be a great system for someone with a lower budget and less money to spend on computers. Thank you Dell. I'd either buy this, or build a computer myself...


Casey K

Just remember that they have made improvements on the Crysis CryEngine 2 in Warhead so that its more compatible and easier to run on lower-grade systems. 



The more I look at the specs for the rig the more I think that they have $699 in the hardware.  You are probably going to get Vista Basic and thats it.  I don't even think it would be worth it.  I may be wrong but I don't think so.  Also, what resolution were they playing at to get 30 fps?  I don't know what the default is set to but I can't imagine it was to high.



Shouldn't they have put four dollar signs ($$$$) in the ad to emphasis that you don't need to spend a thousand?  When I see $$$ I would think of a price in the hundreds..


Also, the resolution is very important.  Are they talk 800x600, 1024x768, or 1280x1024?



My coworker's machine is

Quadcore 6600

ATI Radeon 3850

2GB DDR2 800

And he still can't run Crysis at high resolution. That E7300 won't do the job. Plus we all know that the 9800 GT is only a handful frames faster than the 8800GT, what a waste of money.



Hopefully this PC is meant to be upgradable too. I wouldnt want a gaming box that requires upgrading 2 or three parts when you intended to make just one purchase like my Dell XPS 400 :(

This setup looks good but why dont they get a cheap Quad Core? Almost all popular setups like this avoid QC like the plauge. It wont hurt to future proof this.



I think at this point they're more concerned with getting the most bang/buck as opposed to futureproofing it...and right now you'll probably get better performance out of a 3.0Ghz dual-core than a 2.4 Quad, and at a lower price



not i the same way as NV30 I hope




u kno for 700$ this is pretty damn good so dont be complaining about it. and if they use industry standard parts, it wouldnt be that hard to upgrade it in the future



Crytek has stated that while Warhead will still use CryEngine2, they've worked a lot on optimizing the game in all the ways Crysis should have been from the beginning...that's what lead to the idea to put their money where their mouth is and see how inexpensively they could put together a rig that would play it on high at 30fps.

And since the "high" settings in the game don't invoke the DX10 goodies (you have to use "very high"), it's quite possible that they could put XP on it, we'll see.  And yes, I know there's hacks available to invoke DX10 in "high" settings, but I doubt Crytek/EA will mess with anything like that.

Now we just need to wait and see if user-created content (maps/mods) for Crysis will port to Warhead, there's still no official word on that yet.  



Their using a WHAT chipset MATX board?!?! G31? MATX? Where's the expansion? Won't the chipset be a bottleneck?




the goal of this machine is to play warhead at 30FPS on high


what they never say is at what res they plan to do this at. and on what part of the game. 


as for the OS it will be vista, what else would the use? XP? no, crysis was the poster boy for DX10, for that they need vista


Keith E. Whisman

I wonder what OS they are using and if they have the OS and the drivers and Crysis optimized to run smoothly and fast on this so so hardware config.  




interested in test results.



I second that



does that mean it will not look as good

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