Prey Series Doomed, But in a Good Way



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Agreed - the Art Bell schtick was great!  Really added to the immersion factor.

Personally, I thought the spirit-walking was a bit weak.   How do I get across this gaping chasm?  Enter spirit mode and suddenly there's a web-like walkway that'll take me to the button to activate a bridge.  Could have been done better.

I gave it an 8 out of 10 for gameplay, originality and overall look & feel.  Good game that I've played through more than once.  If the sequel has more of the stomach-churning reality transitions and less of the spirit realm baloney, I think it will do well.




Why A Duck

I would actually look forward to this. I bought Prey once it moved to the second-tier (i.e. cheap) rack and liked it. At the time it had some really neat features like the walkways that defied gravity and the Spirit World - which has been reborn as the Veil in id's latest Wolfenstein installment.

But the absolute best part was the snippets of an Art Bell broadcast depicting the events of the story as seen from afar. I used to cheer when I ran across a radio in the spaceship.

It would be interesting to see where they went with the series. Would they bring back Tommy (I hope not, he was a little too emo for me) or would they let someone else go after the aliens?

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