Presto Change-o, Opera Browser Shifting to Webkit Engine



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"Opera Software today put the world on notice that its Prest..."
That's hilarious! 99.995% of PC users think Opera is a form of unlistable music, and have never heard of the crap browser. Their press release was like a tree falling in an uninhabited forest.



The tragic effects of Opera making itself into a niche browser by charging for it :(

Until I got my android phone, I never used it. Never even really remembered it existed. I seem to recall tech press from years and years ago saying that it was awesome, ahead of its time, but Netscape, IE and later FF were free, commonly found and had greater support.

Which reminds me, isn't the chief reason that Opera is free on android because Google foots the bill? What happens if Google decides to pull a Microsoft and end that subsidy to get us into Chrome (shudder)?



Opera hasn't charged for their browser for over ten years. (That said, I miss those days.) And a lot of the time when they DID charge, there was a free version that put banner ads (with the positioning, completely non-intrusive) in the icon bar.



...and many of those 99.995% are using a 99.995% shittier browser a/k/a Internet Explorer.



I hope someone will say "fork you, webkit".

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