PowerColor Intros Overclocked Radeon HD 7970 With A Built-In Waterblock



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cant wait... i have a 5870 and would liek to upgrade to this.



how do you put up with the annoying ram screen flicker, and lack of games support... i just decided to send back my 7970 and go back to my 480s beacause every freaking game needed some kind of tweak or config change/ fix to work or barely worked (like with low fps) if they worked at all... the last straw was grid... i mean GRID!!! WTF?!?

anyway im curious seriously if it bothers you, bcause media player switching or rather going from one media file to the next will make the screen flicker twice, and any accelerated web content will make the screen flicker on load (same as when i had the 5870/970 - then sent back for 480s... tada; i basically gave em another try...)

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