Power Up with Windows Home Server Power Pack 2



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I was using TVersity to stream my media (MP4's reencoded with Handbrake) from my WHS out to an X360, a PS3 and other computers in my house...  It worked, but not so well when streaming to the PS3....  Ok, so I installed PP2 yesterday and WOW.  I am impressed with the streaming capability improvement...  My movies work better from the WHS standard then they do with TVersity. 

I have around 80 DVD's reencoded ranging in size from around 1.5Gb up to 2.5Gb in size, tested about 20% of them and they all worked without flaw...  Even Fast Forwarding worked - while streaming.  I'm runing a Gigabit network, WHS is Core2Duo with 4Tb of storage...  I'm not sure how I ever lived without my server...  This PP is small, but makes a good product even better...  This has got to be one of Microsoft's best products to date.



So far so good.  I've been using SageTV on the WHS for a long time now (WHS does all my recording) and that's been working great, but I may play with the new  MC integration just to see how it works.

Fixing the remote access will be good as it was 50/50 whether it would work in the past, so hopefully that will be more reliable now.

Oddly enough, I had to do my first restore on a PC Monday, right before this update, and it worked just fine.  My wife got a trojan on her computer and couldn't get rid of it, so we just restored back to before she had it and everything is good again - a very good safety net!



I welcome this upgrade. Remote access configuration is simplified and I wish I had it with SP1 trying to make it play nice with my Linksys WRT310N UPnP. I really like the recorded TV folder and integration with Media Center, now I might use Media Center more. I have been using BTV as it supported M4v and will podcast shows for my Ipod and Iphone, now Ill try to make it play nicely with the Recorded TV folder if possible. I stream my video over the internet with webguide add-in, so I will be curious to see if the m4v will stream with it now. I have not been unfortunate enough yet to have had to use the backup restore function, but it is nice to know it is more reliable. 

I've upped my standards, now up yours!

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