Power Pack 3 for Windows Home Server Available Now



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Jedi, I don't even use mine to its full potential, and I love it (I don't use mine as a media server.  I have a dedicated Media Center for that.)
The automagic backup-and-restore functionality alone makes the price of admission well worth it.
If you've already got a box to run it on, I'd say "go for it!"
Oh, and, FYI:  there's a trial version of WHS available:
If you're not 100% sure that you want to buy it, then try it for free for 120 days.  Rather easy to 'upgrade' to the full product (Server Reinstallations are typically quite painless.)

*nearly every day of my life is some kind of computer hell*


I Jedi

I wanted to say thanks to every, especially Cup for giving me the link to the trial version. I'm going to try it out today. Hopefully I, too, will love it.


I Jedi

I know that a lot of people use WHS, but what about here at MaximumPC. How do you guys feel about WHS? Reason I ask is because I plan to buy it, and convert my old computer into a home server for personal use.



 I've used the trial version of WHS and was hugely impressed! Nothing makes backing up your home network easier or more smoothly. And it's damned near idiot proof as long as you don't go bashing through the setup willy-nilly and actually pay attention to it.

Once my finances get straightened out, I plan on getting a copy and running a dedicated closet box! 

Listen to Cup. Get this now if you can afford too!


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They gave a nice tut on how to make a WHS box from relatively cheap parts at: http://www.maximumpc.com/article/features/master_your_digital_domain


I Jedi

Hell, I got the computer ready to go. I just want to know people's opinions on WHS.

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