Postal Worker Steals 2,220 GameFly Rentals



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Even beyond the federal offense of stealing/tampering with the US mail, isn't this just plain ol' grand theft? Considering the amont, and we're coservatively looking at $20,000 if we take the value at $10/game, shouldn't he be on the hook for a bit longer than 18 months?



Don't you need the case and inserts to sell a game at Gamestop? Or do they just give you less for the game? Why doesn't gamefly put some sort of permanent marking on their discs? 2200 incoming games should raise a few brows but they'd get raised even higher if all the discs were stamped "PROPERTY OF GAMEFLY.COM."





Yup, been there, too. You can't so much as push a button to load more mail onto the belt when you're out, if pushing that button is someone else's job. Fucking unions.



12 - 18 months? Isnt tampering with the US mail a FEDERAL offense? regardless of the fact that he is employed by the USPS it is still a Federal Offense. If any of us had done that...well you know



These guys make 25 bucks an hour to boot.  Plus 35/hr overtime and get all the overtime they want!!!  I know because I was one.  Work Sunday get 25% more.  Work after midnight on Saturday 25% more.  Work a day off 35/hr.  Work a holiday get double pay.  Ironic this guy wants to steal for money.  Add another 20 to 30k a year in benefits.  The Postal Inspection Service probably watched this guy steal for months before taking him out of service.  Why?  Because the Union will get him back to work if the evidence isn't rock solid.  



Gamestop should also get some of the blame for this, there cant be that many GS locations in this guys area so he must have been selling them to the same shops.  Didnt the employees at GS start to wonder when this guy brought in 2,200 games that didnt have the original packaging?



while it might not be the most # of discs stolen, 2200 video games could possibly net much more than 3000 dvds



 It seems like Netflix and GameFly would have a system in place to moniter lost disks.  When 2200 disks go missing from the same rout it seems like the sudden spike in losses from the same area would send up a lot of flags, even after just a couple were lost fromt he same area, obviously a little loss is going to happen. 

These people are domb in taking every disk they see, if they just swipped one here and there no one would notice, gank 2200 and it will raise an eyebrow or two. If stupid people can get away with this much, and these are just the ones that get cought it makes me wonder what an intelligent person could do.


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 the intelegent ones don't get caught

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I agree




I have had several packages "go missing" from USPS delivery. I now insure any package I send...funny, now they never "get lost", because they can be tracked now.



If this guy messes up my game queue I'm gonna be pissed!



So it took the postal service becoming suspicious to catch him?  What of the local Gamestop that bought over 2000 games from this guy?  They didn't think anything of it?


Lord Omega

I saw this on OCN a few weeks ago.

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