Postal Worker Pinches 3,000 Netflix DVDs, Pleads Guilty to Federal Theft



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 He gets one year in jail but the poor lady gets a $1.92 million dollar fine for having her computer sharing stuff that can be bought for 99 cents. Now if he had COPIED the movies...



wow, what an asshat, as a postal carrier, you have to be a total retard to steal stuff. throwing away a $26 an hour job for a bunch of netflix. Especially since he's 49, he has to have 20 years in service just to have thrown it away for a couple of bucks of stuff... makes me wonder about some ppl's intelligence.



@roleki: Upload, not download. Nobody got in trouble for downloading music.


Preferred boot, but will give this Maximum PC thing a try.



The lesson here is: if you commit 3000 individual acts of larceny wherein you misapprehend 30,000.00 worth of private property from the mail system, you're still better off than you would be if you were caught downloading 24 shitty songs.  





Is it the USPS, or Netflix that has radically changed their logo --and I missed it? Or ---is this the special uniform they wear, when delivering (*gasp*) Porn??

Too bad he didn't try to copy, share, or distribute them... then the Motion Pictures version of the MPAA could sue him, and get a cash award more or less in the amount of the Gross Domestic Product.

1-5 seems pretty good, by comparison, even for a Federal Grand Theft charge. He's also lost a fairly decent job, any pension & benefits he was earning.



He'll have a tough time finding a new job when he gets out too.  This is why it pays to think big and steal money in a white-collar job.  Sure, you might get caught, but it's less likely and the penalties are about the same.  Not to mention that as a CEO or banker, you can probably still get a job again after a conviction.  Hell, if you did it and didn't get caught, you can basically put it on your resume.  That stuff facilitates huge bonuses for all involved!

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