Possibility of Layoffs Lurks at Microsoft



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I Jedi

Well, although this really is old news for me. I think that it's good for Microsoft to downsize, as I hear it from a friend. The reason is because Microsoft is just way too huge and so everyone is trying to get their ideas out, etc, etc. By downsizing, they're making smaller groups, which equals more coperation, less debate, etc, etc. 



Is that I have had the same version of Windows since the introduction of XP and I didn't pay much for it then since I got it from school! I installed Windows 7 Beta on an old laptop but I'm not sure enough about it to switch my main comp to it yet.


I Jedi

Base it off of what you need. E.g.... If Windows XP performs all the task and functions that you need currently without a problem, then stick with Windows XP. However, if Windows 7 offers you more things that you need and can still support your old applications, then you should consider switching over when the new version officially comes out. I would be careful to switch before then, as I've heard reports that Windows 7 beta has actually caused some havoc on people's machines... to the point where they had to reformat the machine. 

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