Porn Studios Ask ISPs to Help Sack File Sharers



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WTF! Free porn powers the Internets.  The article didn't mention which studios because the real killer for the studios are internet porn websites that simply stoled the show.  Really, who watches anything produced by Vivid, etc anymore?  It would be a sad world if that was the kind of a porn we had to watch in this connected world.


P.S. Guys Captcha's is a poor solution for stopping spam and only frustrates users.  With as few comments as this site gets you might want to consider dumping them because it is definitely a contribiting factor.



The porn industry is struggling because Jane and John Doe can film themselves in HD and post it on the internet for FREE and the fake crap doesn't do it for anyone anymore.  I imagine the porn industry will once again return to it's glory, but it's gonna take far more creativity than the crap the industry's been throwing out there the past five years.



I bet they will have a hard time collecting any fines. This whole scheme seems kind of amateurish to me. I suspect the backlash from this may catch the lawyers with their pants down.



I'm not sure if you have a connection inside the porn industry that gives you additional info, but this is a model that has been proven to get people to pay $$.  Not more than the lawyers cost, granted, but the music industry has had (admittedly very limited) success with getting people to cough up dough.

I honestly think that the Porn industry stands a better chance of collecting than the music industry ever did.  Seriously, if a guy gets a letter saying, "We are going to take you to court because we can show you illegally downloaded, then shared over 2 terabytes of our copywrited fetish porn, unless you send us a check for $200.00", I bet you the average guy is going to go buy his wife some flowers, and then stop at the local post office for a $200 money-order on the way home.  Just a feeling.

When what you are downloading isn't even remotely embarrasing (Britney Spears is the exception, of course), you have more impetus to fight the case.  If your entire x-rated collection is going to be subjected to public scrutiny for the world to see, I have a feeling people will pay the settlement fee and do their best to stay out of court (and the public eye).

Don't steal...that's wrong.  But DEFINITELY don't steal stuff you'd be embarrased to be caught with -That's just stupid.


Keith E. Whisman

Why would anyone be embarrassed about having videos and pictures of other people having sex with animals and other people? Unless they are pictures of you having sex with animals and other people, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Hell I've got friends that keep sending pictures and videos of their GF's and their ponies. You'd think that their GF's would be the ones that should be embarrassed. 



I'm pretty sure they would be paying a lot more than 200 dollars...


Keith E. Whisman

What they are getting angry because people are watching their money shots for free?

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