PopCap Promises Plants vs Zombies Sequel in Spring 2013



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Oh God now I can't get the song outta my head!



Ahhh my son will be thrilled. It's his favorite game.



According to my Steam stats, my ex-girlfriend and I logged more hours into Plants vs Zombies than any other game. Really fantastic game.



According to my Steam stats, my ex-girlfriend and I logged more hours into Plants vs Zombies than having sex.

There dude, I fixed it for ya.






Plants vs. Zombies was a brilliant game (although I agree that it was too easy and didn't offer enough replay value). People begged and begged for a sequel and they foolishly ignored their customers' requests. And only NOW they're saying they will be delivering a sequel in roughly 9 months? Jesus Christ, it's like the CEO of that company is sitting back shooting up H instead of making money by doing the obvious thing and putting out a product that is in high demand (PvZ2).

Long story short: It's about fvcking time!



My one hope is that it's tougher. I love the original (and just played it again last night), but there's a sort of "optimal" layout and pattern of building for every board that if used, pretty much makes you un-beatable.

Ever since I worked that out, the only real challenge came from the endless modes and from deliberately NOT playing the optimal pattern.

p.s. I like my tricycle just where it is, thank you.



Ugh why does Pop Cap have to be a part of EA? I hate supporting them but i'll probably end up buying this sequel anyways.

Also I just re-installed all my childhood PC games onto a new rig. I'd say I unknowingly bought from EA almost 80% of the time. Did they make better games back then? Or do I just love them for the childhood memories?

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