Poor Windows Phone 7 Performance Costs Ballmer Bigger Bonus



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Yeah, he and his $14.5 Billion are really hurting from not having that extra $682K



Oh no! Steve is broke! He'll be living on the F'ing streets!

Who cares. He's a horrible CEO.

Gates needs to return and bring back the no-BS management style and realistic directive. None of this flavor of the month decision making that goes on now.



In my mind, consumers have said that they really don't like the Windows Phone 7 GUI, otherwise it would be selling better. Which still baffles me on why Microsoft thinks it is such a good idea for Windows. Yes, there are those that love the interface, but not as many that hate it.



Their has been a study that most untech savy people will buy anything the tech savy person tells them. This also includes phones. Remember the android smart phone was dead last until the droid was launched for verizon.



I also seem to remember that Android only had 2 handsets in the U.S before the original Droid, and both of them were for T-Mobile, who is always the third or fourth largest carrier.  Not exactly a strong selection.

Windows Phone 7 has strong handsets on every carrier, priced similarly to equivalently featured Android handsets, yet they are still last.  That's a problem.



Not really, there's a lack of WP7 handsets on Verizon. Every time I walk into a store to look at the pitiful Trophy the internet function doesn't work or the phone itself is neglected and doesn't power on.

There are quite a few buying WP7 phones, the problem is that most of the consumers are set on Apple products and the notion that anything from MS is bad, regardless of how good the hardware is or how well it functions (which it does very well, even on low end configs).

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