Poll: Facebook Users Dislike 'Timeline' Profile Format



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Just let them plant a microchip up your ass and get it over with.



I really like it(and so do most of my friends) and find the way you can easily allow and disallow posts realy easy. I think people don't like change thats all.



Or it could be that most people don't think that they should have to spend half their time online figuring out what facebook is trying to share about them. (which is what Zuck & Co is counting on, that people will give up trying)



Every time I end up one of these timelines and start scrolling down it refreashes almost immediately past the first "year" and pops me right back to the top. Makes me think peoples pasts are meant to stay in their past.

And yes it is extremely cluttered. If it needs anything, FB needs a dislike button.



I dont really use facebook enough to complain about how it is now but the new timeline is absolutely horrible. I wont change unless they make me. I never really disliked the current UI on facebook. I would prefer it stayed how it is because as they say if it isnt broken dont fix it.



I hate the timeline. It looks cluttered and its hard to navigate. I still haven't switched my profile over and I don't plan to until they make me.



So this means Facebook users now like the last update which they previously disliked?



Exactly. A really interesting news story would be Facebook publishes a visual change and any substantial amount of users say they actually *like* it.

By the time a dissenter erects a petition to revert back to "the old Facebook" (whatever that is anymore), the UI has already updated again. Rinse. Repeat.

(edit) Oh, and it's not immediately obvious from the MPC summary, but the poll results alone are a terrible indicator of anything. There were 4 mutually exclusive choices, one of them was a throwaway having little to do with the Timeline itself. "I guess I'll get used to it" is inherently negatively biased for a positive response, which makes it kind of a throwaway as well. The other two are "I like it" and "The Facebook Timeline worries me." These statements are offered as polarizing choices in the poll, but are not semantically distinct. For instance, someone following Sophos could be both worried by security aspects of the Timeline and still like the design and feel of it.


MdX MaxX

I dislike facebook, but I'd have to say Timeline is one of the better changes that have been made recently.

Its more exposed nature doesn't concern me much. I've accepted the fact that there's no such thing as privacy on the Internet.



I support a football club in London (I live in the US), so I'm mainly using Facebook as a way to keep in touch with friends I've made from the US and England who are also supporters of the same club.

I haven't had the timeline thing pushed to me yet, so I can't definitively give a opinion about it, but from what I've seen clicking on other profiles, I'm not a big fan of it. I'm in that group that will begrudgingly accept it and will get used to it because I have no choice if I want to continue using Facebook.



I used to think Google+ would be a refreshing change from Facebook. After being away from Facebook for a few years I'm pretty happy, but it seems that Google isn't faring much better now with +... Too bad I won't leave Gmail, it's just too good and I've had it for too long.

I'm not sure if I can count on a 4000 participant poll, but it reflects what I have heard from my friends and co-workers. Facebook is just another one of those things that people feel they "have" to be on, even though they have no clue why they use it, or just plain hate it. It's not really "social networking".



I rather like the new timeline. It's cool to look back and see what I've done/posted. Though, tbh, I don't think I've actually looked at anyone else's...



""and nearly a third said they don't know why they're still on Facebook.""

I think that's a telling statistic right there. The majority of facebookeys I know don't use it to do much ~actual~ communication or interacting. for the most part, they use it because it's an addiction and a conditioned response "click the like button and get a cookie" sort of behavior. Yes, they do some socialization there, but more of it is just blankly staring at the screen liking, picturing, and those insipid data-mining games.

And that's why Zuck & Co get away with the massive privacy violations which they do, because they have an army of brainwashed addicts who are too hooked to quit their abusive spouse.

After All, how many people would you want seeing your high school year book twenty years later? not many, a few, but not many, and yet that's basically what Timeline is, forcing you to carry that book around all the time and either spend half your time with a pair of scisors cutting out new entries, or to ignore it and let people see things they shouldn't.



People need to stop supporting these stupid changes. Most of us that are still on are only on because it allows us to easily stay connected with old friends...not because we actually like the site. I am going to keep pushing people to try out google+, and if this stupid timeline thing is forced on me, it will probably be the final straw. The last changes ticked me off, and I have seen the timeline and I hate it; it is a mess to try and find anything, and I don't want a "timeline" of my life on the page...



I said the same thing, until last week, when Google stopped being different and started being Facebook +, first with the act of FORCING G+ pages on all new Gmail users, and then with the glorious new privacy policy that is really anything but more of the same facebook practices.

As an avid G+ user, it disappointing me to think of it turning into another data sink trying to mine me and i am already seriously contemplating dropping my google stuff.

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