Police Raid Google Headquarters in South Korea



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Wow, I am so over this whole story. They grabbed some data from a bunch of idiot's OPEN access points and people are boo-hooing all over the place. No, they shouldn't have done it. Whatever, tell them to delete it and get over it. If the dipshits hadn't left their access points wide freaking open they wouldn't have anything to cry about.

The lengths to which government organizations will go to justify their existence is amazing to me.



Call me crazy, but I'm more concerned about the data being in the hands of S. Korea's (or any government's) hands than in Google's. I notice they will try to "retrieve ALL the original data" but it doesn't say what they will do either initially or long term with said data.



Cyber Terror Response Center?  They used a cyber TERROR team to raid Google?  HA it must be pretty slow in S. Korea these days, you know with N. Korea being a model citizen in all, great use of resources



I wonder if they get all out of whack when someone cheats at Starcraft?

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