Polaroid Brings Back Instant Film, DeLorean Nowhere in Sight



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Didn't polaroid say a few months ago that they where not going to make that film any more?  I remember seeing it on Ebay for crazy prices. I always had fun with polaroids nothing like shacking your picture to make it develop faster.


The Relic

Now YOU TOO can have the wonder of having your picture develop in the palm of your hand! And YOU TOO can also experience the wonder as your picture slowly, over time, degrades because of the chemicals in the bottom of the picture!

Seriously, I remember when my father brought one of these things in the house as a gift for my mom back in the late 60s (first pic was where he tried it out at the pawn shop he bought it at, taking a pic of himself in the mirror ^_^). I still have a number of these pics that was taken with this thing, but I had to scan them all because over 40 or so years time the pics have degraded to the point that they are barely visible.



Is that the official CES 2010 banner?  Did they cut costs this year by not hiring any graphic designers?


Windows Securit...

1. Edit some super High Rez Digital Pics of your friends "Or Enemies"

2. Print it out in large format at Kinkos or somewhere

or Take a Photo of your Bigscreen High def Monitor if that works for you

 3. Take a Polaroid shot of the edited printout (or monitor) and show it to your friends


Cuz it's a real picture!

You couldn't have faked a polaroid right?

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