Poisoned QR Codes Spreading Malware To Android Phones



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A QR code is really no different than a URL from a completely unknown source. Common sense tells us not to click those. So we'll have to apply the same common sense and simply not scan QR codes unless we are SURE where they lead.



I always knew this would start happening.  When you look at these things, they seem harmless, but they can have any kind of URL coded in and you cannot see what it is until you scan it.  When scanning these codes, the phone app should let you decide weather or not to proceed to the website.  Have the URL displayed first so you can see it and decide what to do before it takes you to the site.



I think it might be time to lock down the Android platform a bit. Maybe take away the ability to install unsigned apps (unless you're rooted of course). This should also clean up the market a bit as well.

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