PNY Partners with Asetek to Ship Liquid Cooled Videocards



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Holly Golightly

I am totally looking forward to this video card. I think everything should be liquid cooled to promote the silence I need when gaming. The fact that these come factory sealed expands itself further to the market. I am very interested to see how the radiators will look, and be positioned.



There's one thing I still don't understand. Corsair is partnered with CoolIT, the people who made the Omni, a universal GPU cooling mount system which only needs different plates for different GPUs. It would be superior to this as it would work out cheaper and last longer.

Is this attached to the GPU itself? How long and flexible will the tubing be? Can I make it an intake or does it have to be that read exhaust near the CPU (space issues). It could be pretty big and sit at the spot for my top exhausts but the tubing would have to be long... so many factors.


Oh, and I really dislike PNY, their shit breaks.



Interesting indeed!



Interesting idea, I am looking forward to seeing the specs, reviews, and thermal comparisons.

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