Please Hammer, Don't Hurt Google!



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actually this sounds more like semantic searching- but the explanation has been dumbed down- so you weed out almost all the normal hits, and the relationship hits will garner the research you need.

i saw a pilot on this for medical records and disease categories years ago (1999)- it worked but never appeared outside of closed loop systems - never made it to the internet- I wonder if web 2.0 will finally allow it to come to light


h e x e n

lmao @ hammer. I forget what show I saw him on, but he was raving about how cool this new case he got for his ipad was because it had a mini keyboard built into the case.

So, he pretty much turned the ipad into a laptop.

OK, if you want a god damn laptop, buy a fucking laptop. Don't half ass some mini keyboard to some uselss form factor like a tablet. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that if you attach a keyboard to a tablet, you're an idiot. Why the hell didn't you just get a laptop to begin with? The fucking ipad 2 starts, STARTS, at $499. That same $500 can get you a fairly decent Win7 machine that has WAY more functionality and doesn't make you look like a complete tool. <---(hehe, see what I did there?)

Man, people are stupid.



GREAT F*ing Post, Best I've read here for a long long time!



That seems like a search engine for people who don't know what the heck they are looking for... dumb.


Instead of "please hammer don't hurt 'em"  we should say "please hammer come up with a better idea" LOL!



So a search engine designed for 90% of internet users looks like a great idea.



I wonder what names show up when you search for has-been rappers, or how about stars who squandered their fortunes.

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