PlayStation Network Yanked Offline Again for More "Routine" Maintenance



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Really? REALLY? Sony takes down the PSN for maintenance and everybody loses their fricken minds.

This is news worthy?



im on xbox live every other day and to be honest i think out of the 5 years iv had my xbox that iv ever seen xbl down once, as for updates they are pretty much announced a week before they are released on other then outages or downtimes i can say there are little to very little of them



have to agree- what is it- a 2 month cycle and a 16 hour maintenence window now? yet we never notice anything after except for the new patch we have to install about 2 weeks later.

how about you xbox folks- how often is your maintenance?
- more frequent with short time frame?
- non- existant?
- just as long but timed to start on the overnight during US hours?

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